Ask yourself ten questions about your mother |

Ask yourself ten questions about your mother

Sometimes, to be able to really evaluate what kind of relationship we have with our mothers, we need to ask ourselves the right questions. Here are some that can help:

1. When was the last time you visited your mom?

2. Do you think your mom is happy with you?

3. Have you ever said "Uff" to your mom?

"Thy Lord hath decreed that ye worship none but Him, and that ye be kind to parents. Whether one or both of them attain old age in thy life, say not to them a word of contempt (Uff), nor repel them, but address them in terms of honor. And out of kindness, lower to them the wing of humility, and say: ‘My Lord! bestow on them Thy Mercy even as they cherished me in childhood' "(Quran 17:23-24).

4. What is it that your mom really wants to have?

5. How much do you know about your mom's mother?

6. What might be five things your mom really doesn't want you to do?

Abdullah ibn Amr related that the Messenger of Allah said, may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him: The major sins are to believe that Allah has partners, to disobey one's parents, to commit murder, and to bear false witness (Bukhari, Muslim).

7. What are three things that make your mom happy or sad?

8. How many minutes do you engage in "quality talk" with your mom in a week?

9. When was the last time you cooked for your mom?

10. When was the last time you gave your mom a gift?

Aisha narrated that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said: Exchange gifts with one another, for they remove ill feelings from the hearts (Tirmidhi).


firstly thanks for the articles ,they are very educating and informative.May Allah continue to give you the strength to spread the message[amin].



Al Hamdulliah. The guidance provided here in is great. Only the lucky & open minded persons will understand the underlying wisdom and its value to the humanity.


Abu Dhabi

Mom is the best for ever....Ya-Allah please forgive me, If i said "Uff" to my mom, wit out knowing me .... Give her good health, Happiness & Joyfull in her whole life ...Ameen Ameen Ameen........................



A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.



firstly thanks for the articles ,they are very educating and informative.May Allah continue to give you the strength to spread the message[amin].



Salam alaekum, thank u for this great enlightenment about mother, the grade of her before me has been increased from this moment.JAZAKUM LAHU KHAIRAN.I m using this medium to say jasakum lahu khairam to the greatest mother ,my mother, for always being there for me. I want to get mariam arinola and taria abubakar's email addresses and phone nos.



assalamu alaikum. may God continue to guide you as you continue to light the heart of many veiwer. its alway my happiness to keep to this website because knowledge is light. i highly recommend to any individual globally to make this site closed to him/her.



Every Muslim should as a matter of urgency tries to ask his/herself all these questions and make immediate amends where there are hitches. As for me, I lost my Mom 5 years ago and I still feel it like it was yesterday. May Allah in His infinity mercies bless her humle soul, make the grave an abode of peace for her, overlook all her shortcomings while she was on earth and grant her Aljanah Firdaus. Mothers should be celebrated all day whether alive or dead. Ma Salaam


Lagos, Nigeria

The women are the nucleus of every behaviour of humam beungs be good or bad no wonder the Priphet[s.a.w] was reported to have said 'he who train a woman train a nation and ho who train a man, train a family'.It then partinent to cultivate the islamic tradition that promote the well-being of our would -be mothers tommorow.



Firstly thank you heaps for a great article about mums, it is the least we can do to answer these questions and remind ourselves that our mothers are the most precious people in the world who will be there for ever. May Allah (s.w.t) make us those whose mums are pleased with them both in this world and the hereafter. May Allah (s.w.t) be pleased with you ( for your great efforts. Jazakallah...


Melb, Australia

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