What can I do for Kosova?

One of the many mosques destroyed during the Serbian occupation of Kosova

Everyone is asking...what can I do to help? The answer is simple...so simple in fact that most people don't take it seriously. We say to ourselves that small things can't possibly make a difference and we defeat our goal before even getting started. The truth is that not everyone can go to Kosova to help, not everyone can meet Presidents and Senators and convince them in person...But EVERYONE can help and EVERYONE can influence policy at the White House, Congress and on the Senate floor.

The power of phones/faxes

Speak for the silent majority! One fax or call is actually 8 voices! With every fax or call any representative or public official rightfully assumes that there are at least 7 others who strongly agree with the caller. However these others don't speak up...this is the silent majority. Believe it or not decision makers always factor in the silent majority when defining strategy and position. Addressing the demands of one caller actually means satisfying four voters on election day...they are listening.

Personal Action Plan for Kosova

PRAY: Sometimes people consider this a last resort, but we believe it is the first place to start, the most important thing to continue and the best thing to end every day with.

YOUR PHONE BOOK is your best resource! Speak to people you know personally. Get them involved and motivated to call the White House and Congress. Start collecting Relief for Kosovars.

YOUR FRIENDS: Speak to your neighbors and colleagues at work or school. It is your duty to inform them of atrocities that must be stopped, guide them as to what they can do.

YOUR GOVERNMENT: Call the White House, your Senator and representatives daily! Give them your opinion and ask them to send you their views. For tips on what to say and phone numbers see the sheet included.

KOSOVA ROOM: Establish and use the Kosova room in your community to make calls and meet with others who want to be proactive. For details on establishing a Kosova Room contact us.

STARTING A PHONE TREE: Establish a phone tree in your community so information and action alerts can be quickly distributed.

SACRIFICE: Donate generously for Kosova. Have a donation box in the Kosova room, set a weekly goal for collection.

FAMILY TASK FORCE: Your own family can possibly be the best task force in the community. Arrange a Kosova Update every day after dinner. One person should report developments on each of the following: 1) What is happening to the victims of genocide 2) What can we do to stop genocide now 3) How much time or money our family giving to stop genocide.

Strong families make strong communities and strong communities make a difference!

YOUR COMMUNITY: Make Kosova a priority in your community. Ask your imam or community leader to give a brief update after prayers or at least after every Friday prayer about what is going on in Kosova and what has been done. If they cannot do it then ask if you can take a few minutes and do it yourself. Make arrangements for a Kosova Room if you don't already have one.

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