Kosova must not be partitioned

Fireworks at Kosova's Independance

The Rambouillet peace agreement, which was accepted by Kosovars and rejected by Serbs is dead. It is useless to revive the treaty after the horrific brutality in Kosova.

There is no way the mostly Muslim Kosovars can go back and live under Serb control, even with the restoration of autonomy as a province within Serbia, which the Rambouillet peace agreement proposed.

There is more talk of independence for Kosova.

But amidst this talk is an ominous proposal to partition parts of Kosova between the warring parties. While Serbs still maintain the “sanctity” of Kosova for themselves, comparing it in importance to Jerusalem for the Jews (and in some cases even more so), some are also suggesting going halfway: retaining some of Kosova for the Serbs, and giving the rest to the Kosovars.

This proposal is at best unfair and at worst, a recipe for rewarding genocide.

Such a misguided move would simply serve to reward the perpetrators of massacres, and the general extinction and expulsion of Kosovars from their homeland.

Serbia must not receive even one inch of Kosovar territory. Its brutality and war crimes have proven it unfit to rule any territory, let alone Kosova.

Partitioning Kosova will serve to reward Serbian President Sloboldan Milosevic and his henchmen. These subhumans must not be given any more land than they already have. Giving them a piece of Kosova is pathetic and a slap across the face of the Kosovar refugees who have already endured enough brutality.

Another result of partition Kosova would be the denial of refugees' right to return. Even NATO and its allies agree upon this right, and this explains much of the reluctance of the Kosovar refugees to flee to countries as far away from Kosova as the United States and Canada, despite their horrifying situation in refugee camps.

If Kosova is partitioned off between Serbs and Kosovars, what will happen to the refugees who live in areas that would fall under Serb control in the event of the province's partition? Their right to return will clearly be violated.

Their situation would be similar to that of many Palestinians living in refugee camps in Lebanon. Most of them fled Zionist terror in 1948. Over 50 years later they remain languishing in the camps, poor, with little hope for social, educational or economic advancement. They cannot return to their homes because they are originally from the northern part of Palestine, now known as Israel.

The partition plan that established the Zionist entity in 1948 means that the refugees who are not from those parts of Palestine currently under the Palestinian Authority (PA), “won back” through the Oslo Accords cannot return to their original homes.

A third problem with the partition option is that most likely, the best parts of Kosova will be given to the Serbs. Serbs who are rallying for partition are proposing giving Serbia the northern part of Kosova. This is where rich mines are found. These are exported for hard currency.

Palestine was and remains a tragedy for the Ummah. Let us not be deluded into accepting another partition of territory inhabited predominantly by Muslims. The Muslims of Kosova deserve and have a right to all of Kosova. The generators of genocide must never be rewarded for their inhumanity and brutality.


"FireWorks Kosova Independence Day 2008 3" by Shkumbins - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:FireWorks_Kosova_Independence_Day_2008_3.jpg#mediaviewer/File:FireWorks_Kosova_Independence_Day_2008_3.jpg

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