How to write a permission letter to parents?

How to write a permission letter to parents?

[The following letter may be downloaded and sent to your child's school teacher to help initiate a presentation on Eid-ul-Adha in your child's classroom.]

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Dear Teacher's Name,

On behalf of our family we hope that this letter reaches you in the best of health and spirits. We truly value your efforts to see that our son/daughter has enjoyed a well rounded educational experience. We wish that your efforts are emulated all over the country

Every year Muslim celebrate the struggle of the Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him. This celebration is known as Eid ul Adha – "The Celebration of the Sacrifice".

According to the lunar calendar which we follow, Eid-ul-Adha (the second of two Islamic celebrations) is expected to be on February 1 this year which is a Sunday. The celebration is a time for reflection, sacrifice and equally a time for family, friends, festivities, joy and giving.

Considering that this festival is for three days, please excuse our son/daughter from their daily classes on _________ as our family will celebrate this joyous occasion together. We hope that by helping our children to value their family and faith, they will, with God's help, be well grounded individuals. We hope that you support our goals and that you will assist us in our efforts.

To ensure that our child's enjoyment of this celebration is also one of learning and growth, we would like to suggest that he/she put together a short presentation for his/her class. We request your assistance in doing this. There are a number of reference materials that are geared for children and may be useful. (e.g. posters, videos, books etc.)

Please let us know if we can accomplish this together. We will be thankful for your assistance and would enjoy working with you. Thank you and look forward hearing from you.

Peace be with you,

Your name.

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I love the Idea. I'll share this idea with my friends. Thank you so much.


ozone park

Thank you very much for the idea. It was very greatful. If you have more ideas,just add them on this cite.Jazakallahou khairan



This is one of the best idea I ever seen I hope millions people will benefit your great effort. Good bless you and all of us


Ottawa, Canada

Mashallah! Thank you for this sample. Since I do not have children, I used for my work place. I work in a Non-Muslim setting, as there are other Muslims - but have never mentioned it until a coworker asked me about my "upcoming holiday"! That's when I decided to use your letter, with a few changes for myself, and it worked wonderfully!...Oh, and so did the small presentation for some of my coworkers. Shukran!


New Jersey

Good idea, since you have gone this far, you can make this easier by making this a template so that people can just fill in their names in the required spaces and print, I am talking about people like me with limited skills of typing or computers. Jazakallah


Baltimore, MD

Excellent idea ,Mashallah.This is a great way of doing da'wa and educating the people we and our children have contact with.



It's a fantastic idea, mashaAllah. May Allah give all of us taufiq to work from the core of our hearts to spread and implement his message of peace and love, Ameen.


New Zealand

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