My encounters as a covered Muslim sister |

My encounters as a covered Muslim sister

I was born and raised in this country. I am proud to be an American for the reason that I feel we are a blessed people even in the poorest communities compared to some of the places I have been blessed to travel to by the Grace of Allah.

However, with our modern lifestyle and civilized society as we call it, I am still amazed at the degree of ignorance that plagues our people. We have all types of technology at our fingertips and yet some of us still live in darkness.

Since 911, I have had experienced a few incidents of discrimination but they have not shaken my faith. Instead, they have made me more determined than ever. It reminds me of what Allah says in the Quran: "You think that a thing is bad for you but in it there is a degree of good Allah knows and you do not know".

While shopping in the Wal-Mart near my mother's home in the community where I was raised, I and my daughter encountered a very evil man. While going down the aisle of the store and talking amongst ourselves, a man while passing us turned to my daughter and said, " I hope you burn in Hell". I must confess that I became angry(may Allah forgive me) and I turned to the man and I replied, "Who do you think you are? How dare you talk to my daughter in that tone? You have a right to feel any way you wish but you do not have the right to talk to my child that way. Do you understand me?"

I believe that I shocked him with my clear, American English accent. However, his arrogance would not lead him to apologize. Instead, he kept talking and I replied "whatever, just do not address my daughter" and turned and retrieved the item that I was shopping for.

My daughter was so upset. I told her you have to overlook stupid people. Unfortunately, we live in the South, and some people still feel they have a right to say and do as they wish.

After getting the item, my daughter and I went to the front to check out, we got in the line. The dumb man was ahead of us by one customer. He just gazed at us with hate in his eyes and we acted like he was not there. When my daughter recognized him, she said 'mom there he is again.' I told her to just ignore him, he can't help his ignorance. He became angry and began to yell at us again. He said, "you sand niggers have no right to be in our great country, we fought for you, etc." I must say that I am a very outspoken person, always have been, and I don't take abuse from anyone. I guess it is because I am black and I grew up during a time when I saw my people oppressed in this country and I just get angry at oppressive people. I know I have to practice more patience in this issue.

I replied "You see that's what I mean. See how ignorant you are. In the first place, I am not a nigger. In the second place, I am not a foreign citizen. I was born and raised right here. You did not serve anything for me for I am also an honorably discharged veteran of seven years. Did you not learn anything from 911 they have only talked about Islam constantly since? There have been countless programs about it. There was even a program at the university. Where have you been? Do you know that most of the Muslims in this country are African-American, so when you see one just don't assume that they are foreign or for that matter that they do not speak and understand English. By the way, who gives you the right to tell me or any person what we should or should not do or be?"

He was so outraged at this point because the people were looking at him and laughing and saying, "Oh man, be quiet." He replied again that the Constitution gives him the right. I replied that he has rights as long as they do not infringe upon the right of others. My beef is not your rights are how you express them for I do not care, however I do have a problem with a grown man saying something to any child be it mine or whom ever. I feel if you have a problem you need to address it to me. He said xxxx I am talking you, you xxxxx by this time the manger came over and ask what was going on and I told her and she requested security and ask the man to leave. Before he could leave however he decided to see how brave I was with a threat of physical. I looked him square in the face and said By Allah I do not want to hurt you but if you think I will stand here and let you attack me or my daughter you are sadly mistaken, I will fight you to the death for my child do you hear me", the manager told him you need to leave we will not put up with this and this lady is not playing Mr. He said we will see. Feeling that the man was going to do something to us I purchased a carving set.

The officer came over and got a report of what happened and a description of the man, whom I was able to give details down to his brith mark on his neck. The Officer assured me that he or Wal-Mart would not tolerate such behavior and gave me an escort to the parking lot. I told the Officer that I appreciated his help and that the man had threaten me and my daughter and that if attacked I would defend myself, the Officer stated stated he understood. He replied that if he tried anything tonite that he would go to jail. He comforted my daughter whom was crying along with others that were in the store and said that they were ashamed of the man's conduct and apologized for his behavior.

I pray to Allah to give me more tolerance on this issue its just so hard to ignore some of the things sometimes. I guess that I am tired of all of this nonsense. I will try to work on sabr on these matters. However I have found that they are quite supprised when you speak english and relate truth along with history to them. It has not spoiled my feeling toward people that have a natural curiosity and those that long to understand, it is my mission to spread the truth.

Again thank you for your support and continue to give us good advice on these issues at this most critical time of trials. May Allah reward you with Paradise. Amen.

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You are a great example to all muslim sisters in hijab. i myself wear a full hijab, covering my face also. it is difficult in any western society to practice islam since 9/11. i do get the glares, dirty looks as well as name calling. but it is all down to ignorance, i think most feel sorry for me! they think i'm oppressed!


manchester - uk

Assalam alaikum sister,Alhamdulillah i feel so proud of you, i think we should all have the strength & courage to stand up to such ignorant people, they just assume that were all the same & cant communicate with them for some reason, & think we are opressed & are being forced to wear the hijaab & observe pardah, what they dont understand is that we choose to live this way, May Allah (swt) give every muslim Brother & sister a high level of Imaan & taqwa, ameen, summa ameen.Wassalam



Asalaam Alaikum sister,I am not Muslim, but I love Islam and read about it all the time. Insha'Allah perhaps one day I will be Muslim. Your story is a great influence of courage. People like you help me to believe, and help me to have the courage too. Keep spreading your word sister. Much love, Selena


Coventry, UK

that is very good of you.A muslim suppose to show his/her identity anytime and any where.



As Salam Olaikum,You gone on with your "Bad Self." May Allah reward you for your courage and grant you and your family Jinnah. Of course the man , he is a typical cowardly fool.



You go girl Masallah all of us muslims should be the same way lets show them who we are SUBHANALLLAH!!!!



AssalamuAliakum Sister: Alhamdulillah you did the right thing. Most of us muslim's sister just sit back and let these people walk all over us. We have to let our voice heard. May Allah always bless and protect you and your family. Salaam.


Orlando, Fl

i would like to thank the sister who been through this experience.and tell her allah was with heri like it may allah giide us for thr right bath



Salam W.W.May Allah bless you, your family & us sister.All the women in islam & the men must be courageous like you. Evrry discrimination & struggles must be a milestone to the next advance of the muslim ummah.Allah may strengthen our hands.



Asselamu aleykum werahmetu Allahi weberkatu. First of I would like to thank you for courage you dispalyed. May Allah, The Most Powerful, bless you and accept your deed.I also like to thank you for addressing your experince to the public. This man must be registred stupid person, by the way is he true American ? Does he know basic law of this country? I was shocked reading your experience. Fell free to be muslim and you have to be proud about that. This country has given every one the freedom of religion. So you have full right to practicse Islam. Regarding to your experice to this extraordinary evil man and possibly other.Do not worry they have to face what this man got. It is true that after sep 11 life for muslm are getting hard time. This is because some people harbour misconceptions about Islam and consider several teachings of Islam to be unfair or improper. This is due to insufficient and incorrect knowledge of Islam. If one critically analyzes the teachings of Islam with an open mind, one cannot escape the fact that Islam is full of benefits both at the individual and collective levels. Islam has nothing to do with terrorising people, bombing plane and so on. This is because islam does not teach or order any muslim to use force. Eventhogh, some muslim do that but their activity make them non-moslem. Concering to higab, higab is a mark , symbol, of peity.It is simple cloth to protect the diginity. So do not worry sister just practice Islam no matter what others say. At last I would like to address my self and others, it is our responsibility to teach the value of islam to our community. Who is going to let the community know what islam is if we shut up our mouth. Thank you so much. Wesselamu aleykum werahmetu Allahi weberekatu.




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