List of halal and haram food ingredients

List of halal and haram food ingredients

The lists of Halal and Haram food  below have been taken with permission from the book 'Islamic Dietary Laws and Practices by Mohammad Mazhar Hussaini and M S Ahmad Hussein Sakr, Ph.D .

It should be noted that a product being imported from a Muslim country is not necessarily a guarantee that it is completely Halal. In fact, food is often imported from abroad into Muslim countries without proper checking of ingredients.


An alphabetical list of Halal and Haram ingredients to look out for:

Bacon: A side of pig meat (pork).

Choletsorol: type of fat always of animal origin. If extracted from Zabiha animal, it is Halal.

Diglyceride: Emulsifier. If of animal origin it should be suspected till the source is known.

Gelatin (Jello Gelatin): Usually of animal origin, mostly from pig. If extracted from a dhabiha animal, then it is halal/

Glycerol (Glycerine): It could be of animal, plant or Glyceryl-Stearate synthetic origin. If animal source is used, it is suspected.

Hormones: Usually animal hormones are used for human consumption. One has to find out the source before passing a judgement.

Lard: Fat from swine particulaly found in the abdominal cavity. Totally Haram for us.

Magnesium Stearate (stearic acid): Used as an active ingredient in medicine tablets. Haram when derived from animal source.

Mono Glycerides: When derived from animal source. (Halal when the source is plant).

Pepsin: A digestive enzyme mostly from pig stomach.

Rennin (Rennet): A protein Enzyme. Usually not labeled. (In most cheeses).

Shortening: Fats and oils of animal origin. Animal/Lard

Vanilla: Extracted using alcohol.

Vitamins: Haram when from animal source. Mostly the source is synthetic or plant and are Halal.

Whey: Used in ice creams and yogurt. Haram when from animal source.


S/N Name of Ingredients Code No Brief Description

Antioxidants: Chemical compounds used to protect certain food components from being destroyed or lost through oxidation.

Ascorbic acid: Vitamin C.

Benzoate (Benzoic acid): Benzoic acid and sodium benzoate are used for food preservation.

Biotin: A member of the B complex vitamins.

BHA: An antioxidant, preservative.

BHT: An antioxidant, preservative.

Citric acid: Sources are plant, usually of the citrus family. (e.g. orange, lime, lemon).

Cobalamine: Synthetically prepared Vitamin B12.

Dextrin: An emulsifying, sizing, and thickening agent.

Fiber: Sources are plant. Provide roughage to diet.

Fructose: Fruit sugar.

Gliadin (Gluten): Ptotein found in wheat and rye.

Hydrogenated oil: Vegetable oil being hydrogenated making it solid at room temperature.

Iodine: A nutrient for thyroid gland.

Lecithin: Emulsifier of fat. In the USA, sources are mainly soyabean and egg yolk.

Lipids : Essential fatty acids found in fish, plant and animals. If source is animal; it is suspected.

Malt: A kind of fermented grain.

Molasses: Syrup liquid obtained in refining sugar.

MSG: Flavoring. Imparts meat flavor to foods.

Niacin: One of the B complex vitamins.

PABA: A food supplement.

Pectin: A gelatinous substance extracted from fruits.

Propionic acid: A preservative.

Riboflavin: One of the B complex vitamins. Usually the source is synthetic.

Pure vegetable shortening: Source of this kind of shortening is plant.

100% vegetable shortening: Source of this kind of shortening is plant.

Sweetener: Substance that gives a sweet taste.

Thiamin: One of the B complex vitamins.

Vanillin: Flavoring agent, extracted from vanilla.

Vitamin A: If source are plant and synthetic, it is halal.

Vitamin C: Natural sources are from plant. (e.g. citrus fruit, tomatoes, etc).

Vitamin D: Natural sources are yeast and fish liver oil. Also synthetically produced.

Vitamin E: Rich sources of Vitamin E are vegetable oils. When source is synthetic, it is halal. If source is animal, it is suspected.

Water: The nutrient most vital to man's existence.

Food yeast: Microscopic, unicellular, fungal plant used for fermentation process and in baking bread.


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your list of halal and haram foods are very helpful- when u need them. I printed the copy out and whenever I go shopping with my kids, I always take it with me and read the ingredients of each food by category at the grocery store. may Allah (swt) forbid us from eating anything that isnt halal. ameen.



i found ur site very informative.....alhamdulillah!inshaAllah this will serve great help to other muclims...keep up the good work.....pls send me information regarding issues about halal ffods.tnx



I am new to canada and i found your site very informative, please if could mail me LIST OF HARAM INGREDEINTS TO BE WATCH FUL FOR in a small fonts so that we could always carry out its printout with us , please do mail me the list . thankyou and khuda hafiz . MAY ALLAH HELP YOU IN YOUR MISSION, AS A HADITH IN MUSLIM SAYS; ALLAH BESTOWS HAPPINESS ON THOSE WHO, HAVING HEARD ADVICE, CONVEY IT TO OTHERS.



Asalamu-alaikum everybody, my father was concerned about learning what is haram and what is halaal and we researched together and this website had explained very clearly on almost everything we should be aware of. I wanted to know also what type of food is haram which containes the numbers from E100 to E1520. f you could please knidly help me i would be grateful, Shukran.Khuda haafiz.


London, England

MashAllah good job .... for the person who said that some ingredients we are unsure whether they are from animal or plant source (such as Mono and Diglycerides), there are products that state specifically if the glycerides are from plant and label it Vegetable Mono and Diglycerides OR Plant Mono and Diglycerides. But on the other hand, there are some products that are acutally from plant source but do not state it, so for that, you need to do some research on the internet.Please note that MOST JUNK FOOD, CAKES, ICE CREAMS, and especially CHOCOLATES should be looked out for. It is these delicious and yummy things that are the most easily decieved and most of us think that "Hey its a cake... its impossible its Haraam...!"....BUT IF YOU CHECK the ingredients IT ACTUALLY IS HARAAM. So please be cautious and ask Allah Subhanawata'ala for Guidance. This is a simple test we are all getting in our life.



As salaam Ali Kum Brother and SistersIt is vary important to read the ingredients of the products before we consume it.We must tell to our children also . If we are not satisfied with the information do not take consume it.Take care of especially icecream, Vitamines and All food products.It is vary use full information in this site A ordinary man can understand it. thanks. mohd kamal uddin ahmed Ghatalah.



Asslaamualaikum,With the koedrat of Allah (SWT) I hope all is well with you. This is a great thing to do and very necessary. We in SA are so fortunate. We have Muslim councils that do the product/factory checks for us and believe me, businesses are aware, even non muslims, buying a product that is certified halaal, helps but it still pays the muslims to be aware, informed and educated. May Allah Ta Allah help you to continue the work you are doing. Inshallah.Wassalaam,Nadia


south africa

Aslam-u-alikum !!!!I would just like to say this site has been very useful. i have a couple of queries though?? Glycirene and mono glycerine of dildlyacids of fatty acids(or something like that) are used in every bread butter and cheese and yoghurt. What do i do. Could muslims possibly live without these enzymes and emulsifiers--



Asalam-o-aliakum! I wanted to thank you lot for the good work and may Allah(SWT) help you to keep it up. it would be good if you added a the E numbers. I have a list of the E numbers from the internet they are from E100 -E1520. however if you lot could work on it and create it in a simple table having another column stating Halal Haram and Mashbooh. This would be very handy to use when we go out shopping.



a/s after salaan my allah give you ajar what kind job you guy's done this is big fever for islam keep going brother's and sis who make this side my allah give you ajar and hasanah


USA atl


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