How one vote in America made the difference |

How one vote in America made the difference

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If you think voting is a waste of time, think again. One vote has changed the course of history.

In the upcoming presidential elections next month, Muslim votes are being sought out, whether Muslims realize this or not.

For instance, Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore recently appointed an Arab-American, John Zogby who is president of the Arab American Institute (AAI), as Senior Advisor to Ethnic Americans for the Gore-Lieberman campaign.

Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush has spoken out against secret evidence, whose victims have predominantly been Muslims and Arabs, as well as stressing America's friendship not just with Israel (as Gore recently stressed in a candidates' debate), but with friendly Arab nations like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

In view of this, we need to understand the power of one vote, your vote, to change history in the American context. The following facts from American History indicate how important ONE VOTE is or can be?

One vote kept Aaron Burr from becoming President in 1800

One vote made Texas a part of United States of America in 1845

One vote saved Andrew Johnson from impeachment in 1868

One vote elected Rutherford B. Hayes to the Presidency in 1876

One vote elected Indiana Representative who cast the deciding vote in that election.

One vote per precinct would have elected Richard Nixon rather John F. Kennedy in 1960

In the recent past, a small number of Muslim votes have made a difference.

For example, in New Jersey. Muslim Americans there endorsed the candidacy of Republican Senator Richard Zimmer in an open Senate seat. But concerned about Jewish votes, Zimmer announced that he did not ask for the Muslim community's endorsement.

Upon hearing this, Muslims withdrew their endorsement and put their support behind Democratic candidate Robert Toricelli, who won the elections and publicly acknowledged that his success was due to the support of the Muslim community. Now, when he speaks in Senate, he is conscious of Muslim concerns.

Recently, New Jersey was the first state in which Halal laws were passed.

In New York, Pakistani taxi drivers organized an alignment and campaigned to make congressman Steven Solarsz, the most vocal leader of the Indian lobby in Congress, lose his congressional seat.

These are clearly examples of where one vote, the Muslim vote, counted.

Islam is the second largest religion in United States of America with well over 8+ millions Muslims. But we are not organized and united. The following must be done to empower the Muslim community in America. Muslims who are citizens must register to vote. Those who are eligible to become citizens must apply immediately. You can apply 90 days prior to your eligibility date.



eight million muslims in the u.s. DOES NOT make islam the 2nd largest religion in america. allowing such comment without qualifying the data is irresponsible and causes me to disbelieve anything else written here or anywhere else within your web site.



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