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Duas for Muslims on the one-year anniversary of 9/11

The World Trade Center on September 11th 2001 <a href = “,_NYC_LC-A05-A01_0001u_original.jpg”>Link to original photo</a>

If My slaves ask you about Me, I am near. I answer the call of the caller when he calls on Me. They should therefore respond to Me and believe in Me so that hopefully they will be rightly guided. (Quran 2:186).

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said:Dua is the essence of worship (Tirmidhi)

Dua (supplication) is an important way for Muslims to connect with their Creator, ask for their needs, relieve them of stress and be hopeful. On the occasion of the one year anniversary of 9/11, Muslims must turn to God in hope and for healing. Below are a number of suggested Duas.

  1. Our Lord, give us the patience and resolve to deal with all that is to come
  2. Bless us with unity
  3. Allah, liberate our innocents
  4. My Creator, help the followers of Muhammad (peaceand blessings be upon him) stand up for the truth whether in peace or in conflict
  5. Please help us learn the art of conflict resolution that can help save lives
  6. Grant resilience and resolve to those who do not have access to due process
  7. Help us become excellent communicators of our beliefs and values
  8. Give us the wisdom to live and share Islam in the right way
  9. Protect us from ignorance and misguidance 
  10. Make our children better Muslims than us
  11. Help us stay on the middle path as exemplified by Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)
  12. Oh Allah, please guide my family, neighbors, classmates and co-workers to the Straight Path. Do not let them die without realizing who their Lord is
  13. My Creator, please forgive me for all of the bad that I've done, and I continue to do. You are so Merciful and kind, please forgive me, and help me stay away from all that's wrong. It's so hard for me, and I'm so weak but You are the Strong. Please increase me in sincerity.
  14. My Lord, lift the veils from the eyes of those who have been deceived into seeing Islam as something bad because of ignorance.


just good work .may allah allmighty reward you for this.amin.



May allah reward you!!You are doing a great job!!



Alhamdu Lillah, you are doing superb work. May Allah reward you abundantly.


yola, nigeria

Allah ya saka da alheri. Nagode, sai mun iso insha Allahu



Thank you for your hard worked and all you did for us (your brothers and sisters. Thank you all of you for the du'a page. May ALLAH reward you alll. And pleas keep it up. Thank you.From your muslim sister, Maimunah Ahmed.



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