prayer stations for children

Prayer stations for children

Prayer stations for children are little spaces or corners in the house set aside for the remembrance of Allah.

They can be arranged anywhere that a child can comfortably fit, preferable where the light streams in a little - but does not overwhelm the feeling of being hidden and apart from the general hustle and bustle.

One good place for a prayer station is at the least traversed part of the house. One might set up a small table with a chair and a few books on the holy companions which might appeal to children.

Or, one might use a landing near the steps, or a stairwell, shielded by a curtain. Even a place in the kitchen might be feasible - depending on its size, etc.

The foot of the bed is another possibility - -the child can sit on the floor and, leaning against a pillow, listen to the repeated recitation of a Surah (chapter of the Quran) or verse in order to memorize it. You get the idea.

Instead of a "time out" an overactive child can put some time into the remembrance of God. A need for privacy, for solitude, for a little peace might also beckon the child to the prayer station. It need not be a disciplinary measure that does it.

These little prayer stations, fitted up with beads, books and Quran, are an invitation to a weary little heart to turn aside, and feel the presence of the Creator - of Him Alone Who understands every need, and heals every hurt.

A prayer station requires little equipment besides the Quran, etc: a soft sit-upon such as a folded blanket; some bit of light - but not too much; maybe a plant, like a leafy pothouse or a bowl of silk violets (or maybe just a flowery pillow). That - and a child wanting a quiet interlude - is all you need.

For the fortunate children who are trained to take advantage of prayer stations, the blessings are reinforcement in reliance on Allah, self-renewal, and attracting to the entire household a little bit of heaven on earth.


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