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13 Things To Do One Month Before Ramadan

If we reach the blessed month of Ramadan alive and healthy, we are truly blessed. The challenge at that point, insha Allah, is to make the most of this blessed month in a way that will reap us the spiritual rewards and advancement we are seeking (Quran 2:183). We can only do that by planning for the month of fasting well in advance.

While a month may seem like ample time to get things ready for Ramadan, many of us fall into the “planning fallacy”, not realizing that, in reality, tasks often take longer than we estimate. This is why one month before is an ideal time to start getting everything in order for Ramadan. Here are some things you can take care of now.

  1. At work, put in requests for a schedule change or time off in Ramadan. You can: -ask to come in earlier and leave earlier so that you arrive right after Suhoor and leave before Iftar-arrive late enough to catch sleep in the morning and stay late to finish up work.
    -also request the last 10 days of Ramadan off now if you have vacation days you can use.
    -request the three days of Eid off .
  2. Request to work from home during Ramadan if you already are not doing so and your work can be completed at home. This way, you at least save time not having to commute.
  3. Get your taxes done. This will not only take care of the task, but it may yield a tax return you can donate part or all of during Ramadan. 
  4. Start getting used to a daily Ramadan schedule. Go to bed earlier than usual; wake up at what would normally be Suhoor time (you can perform Tahajjud prayer at this time too); take a short nap in the afternoon. This way, you’ll have more energy once Ramadan arrives. 
  5. Start calculating your Zakat if you normally give it in Ramadan and brainstorm where you will give it this year 
  6. Cancel all extracurricular sports and activities in Ramadan if possible. If not, then restrict it to just one activity during the blessed month.
  7. Buy all Eid clothes and gifts. Doing this now gives enough time for everything to reach your home or make changes if necessary.
  8. Finish reading and return all library books or books borrowed to free up time for reading more Quran in Ramadan.
  9. Plan purchases for groceries, clothing, or anything else so that you can avoid going shopping during Ramadan as much as possible.
  10. Cancel or reschedule as many meetings as possible in Ramadan.
  11. Take care of any tasks that will need to be completed during Ramadan. These can include:
    -Getting an oil change for the car
    -Buying a soon-to-expire car sticker or parking permit
    -Getting a school physical done
    -Registering kids for next school year
    -Registering for summer camps or classes
  12. Decide on a Ramadan menu and start pre-cooking batches of food to freeze. 
  13. Start working out your daily Ramadan schedule. Some sample plans for building it can be found here.

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