Is Allah Jesus?

10 Things Christians Should Know About Muslims And Jesus

A December 2019 Gallup poll found that the percentage of Americans who describe their Christmas celebrations as "strongly religious" has dropped to 35 percent. This is down from about half in previous measures in 2005 and 2010. Nonetheless, Christmas is celebrated by over 90 percent of Americans, which commemorates the birth of Prophet Jesus, God’s peace be upon him.

He is the central figure of Christianity, the religion of the European settlers who came to the country, and whose influence has defined American culture for over two centuries. What few Americans know is that he is important in Islam as well.
Is Allah Jesus? Here are 10 key things to know about Jesus in Islam:

  1. Jesus is considered a Prophet and Messenger of the One, All-Powerful God. Muslims offer words of prayer after saying his name, as they do for other Prophets and Messengers. In English, the phrase “peace be upon him” is a prayer seeking God’s peace for the Prophet being spoken of. 
  2. Muslims love Jesus. We also love Abraham, Moses, and Noah, to name just a few other Prophets Muslims revere. May God's peace be upon all of these great Messengers of God.
  3. Muslims also love the mother of Jesus, Mary. We believe she was a pious and noble woman chosen over all of the women of the world. The 19th chapter of the Quran is named after her. 
  4. Muslims believe that Jesus was born miraculously of a virgin mother and no father. His birth is miraculous like the birth of Prophet Adam, the first human being, who was created with neither mother nor father (Quran 3:59).
  5. Muslims do not believe that Jesus was the son of God (Quran 5:116). God is so Powerful and Self-Sufficient that He does not need a son or any kind of partner.
  6. In the Arabic Bible the name for God is “Allah”. Arab Christians call God “Allah”, as Muslims do. Prophet Jesus is called “Eesa” in Arabic (sometimes spelled “Isa” or “Eissa” in English).
  7. Jesus did not die on the cross. Rather, God saved him from his enemies and it was made to appear that he was killed (Quran 4:157). He was raised to Heaven.
  8. Jesus performed miracles by the Will of God, like healing the blind and those with leprosy (Quran 3:49).
  9. Jesus prayed to the same All-Powerful One God as all of the Prophets who preceded and succeeded him. 
  10. Jesus will return before the end of the world.


u are totally wrong but only some muslims are terrorist and they are not worth to be muslims





Matthew 27:46 - "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani." Sabachtani means "Tarak'tani" in Arabic which means LEFT ME. but the church changed it to make it a bit nicer and say "forsaken me" so the real translation of that verse should be:
" GOD, GOD, WHY DID YOU LEFT ME." Unbiased Christians will not fail to recognize in his Semitic language Jesus called God Eli, ELLAH, or ALLAH.

Spell it as you wish, but don't error and call it God, father or Jehovah. The Fact Is: In both Semitic languages Hebrew and Arabic "ABBA" mean FATHER. In a few other familiar example, SALAAM and SHALOM have the same meaning, AHAD and AAHAD mean one (as in #1) etc... In Mathew 27:46 Jesus didn't call the Creator "abba", nor does Eli sound anywhere near Jehovah.


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In adition to this great article i would like to add 1 more point.
Torah, Zuboor, Injeel (Holy Bible) and Holy Qur'an are sent by same God on earth. One can not be a muslim if he or she deny any of these holy books.

We muslims love holy jesus and holy bible as same as we do with our holy prophet and holy quran.

I just hope to see this world loving each other, This media television/web media and social media is creating disaster, Turning each other against.


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Many errors in your beliefs, firstly, to Muslims, it is Taurat not Torah, Zaboor not Zuboor, Injeel is NOT the Bible. The Christians call Injeel as the Evangels. Bible comes from the word Biblos or a collection of books and there are many versions of the Bible and all of them are inconsistant unlike the Quraan which is promised preservation and protection by Allah, not given to the other reveations and there were many more.

None nof the previous revations exist in its original form as the previous Messengers were given those now defunct texts for their nations only until the advent of the final Messenger who is for all mankind and Jinn till the day of ressurection.

As an article of faith, Muslims do believe in all previous revaltions as coming from Allah alone which as an example only; a passport has a date of expiry after which it is invalid, compared to the previous revelations. Expiry date was when the next Messenger chronologically got the warrant of a new revealation for the changing circumstances. The Quran is the qualty control of all previous revelations and does not expire till the day of ressurection. So would you take the corrupted books in the Bible as equal to the Quraan? Your call to remain a Muslim or not

Muslims love and respect ALL previous Messengers and the last Messenger, but cannot take guidance from the Old and New Testament and other inclusions which is collectively called the Bible as this would be denying the Quraan and makes one a disbeliever in Islam if one does so



You obviously didn't read Bible yourself just claiming what is in the Quraan. There is nothing to be scared about, as it's been given by the same God as you claim. In fact before Quraan was even there. It is good to know the history therefore it is good to know, what did books before Quraan say.. Bible does have a promise and NT is written by many witness conforming the same story.. as God did say, you need at least 2 witness to belive the story... well story of Jesus has 4 witness.. did you ever think about that?? If you think that all previous stuff are cancelled by new prophet then why at the end of days Jesus will come and not Mohammed (peace be upon him)? Is Jesus special? Why? Ask living Jesus to answer this for you and He will. Also Bible may have many translations but the meaning of the stories are the same.. no facts is different and as for Quoran it takes its orgin in Jewish Torah and Tanaka.. and that is the eldest as you get! And it is consistent pls check for yourself. Why otherwise so many people would belive it?? And remember that names for religions are made by men not by God!! there is no shame in giving up name of something called by man. What God said its the most important. And please be aware that Christians pray every single time for all men, all believes to come close to God and be saved. And they do pray for people in Syria and they cry when they see their suffering!! Please Muslims be aware that we Christians pray for You to One and Only God. Peace.



To begin with, I love Muslims. My best friend is Muslim, and she is wonderful. But I am not. I am also not an Islam-tolerant Christian; I don't tolerate it. I love it, I enjoy studying it, and I appreciate it.

That being said, may I comment. You give me the picture that revelations from Allah come with a shelf life. Sad to say, Christianity has given me a mindset that God's word is unchangeable (including the type-antitype scenarios, of which I will not delve into). But what do you mean when you say changing times neccesiate new messages? And what do you mean that Muhammad then has the timeless message to guide us to the end?

Do you believe in the hadiths? I'll assume you do. Do you believe Muhammad is an example worthy to be followed by all believers? I'll again assume you do. Should we then take girls 6 years of age as our wives, taking them to our homes when they are not even 10? But Muslims will then say it was a different time. What of all the verses that are "jihadists" favourites (of which, I believe, are a negligible minority)? There only justification is that they were for a time. But they are in the timeless Quran.

Will we have another prophet telling us the times of marrying babies are past? I don't think so. The seal of the prophets didn't. I guess it is over and done with.



sir i believe Christians and catholic did the same thing as well and to top it off catholic were the worse with little boys touching on them an carrying on.. Do your research before you judge a religion or a people


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Brother, Islam says that two individuals can get married when they both reach puberty and no one will reach puberty at 6, our Prophet (PBUH) never married someone under 10, his youngest wife was 12 of age Ayesha (RA) at time of mairrage.
Also his first wife Khadija (RA) was older than him, hence Islam does not have any specific minimum age for marriage, it's after reaching puberty that an individual could be married.


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