10 points Christians should know about Muslims and Jesus

  1. Muslims love Jesus. We also love Abraham, Moses, and Noah, to name just a few other Prophets Muslims revere. May God's peace be upon all of these great messengers of God.
  2. Muslims also love the mother of Jesus, the Virgin Mary. We believe she was a pious and noble woman chosen over all of the women of the world.
  3. Muslims believe that Jesus was born miraculously of a virgin mother and no father. His birth is miraculous like the birth of Adam, the first human being, who was created with neither mother nor father.
  4. Muslims do not believe that Jesus was the son of God. God is so powerful and self-sufficient that He does not need a son or any kind of partner.
  5. In Arabic Bible the name for God is Allah. Therefore all Arab Christian call God Allah as Muslim do as well.
  6. Jesus did not die on the cross. Rather, God saved  him as his enemies were confused about him. Jesus was taken up by God to Heaven.
  7. Jesus is called Isa (pronounced Eesa) in Arabic.
  8. Jesus performed miracles by the Will of God, like healing the blind and those with leprosy.
  9. Jesus prayed to the same God as all Prophets and we pray to.
  10. Jesus will return before the end of the world.


Muslims and Christians are not talking about the same God. Allah is not a Christian God. Muslims do not believe Jesus is the son of God therefore they cannot be the same God we worship because Christians believe in the Holy Trinity and only believing that Jesus Christmas is the son of God is the way to heaven.



By your same argument, Jews also do not worship same God, in contradiction to your own scripture. To believe someone has misunderstood nature of God, is not equivalent to saying they worship a different God.



Hi in response to the above comment in Islam The word in Arabic for God is Allah. Jesus was to us a prophet the same as Muhammad we Beleive he was conceived by Mary by immaculate Conception when Angel Gabriel appeared to her. We Beleive that Jesus is a prophet the same as Muhammad and he is not the son of God or God per se he will appear before the world ends!!!!



That is not correct. We do believe in the holy trinity but the divine god we believe in is the same. God existed before Jesus. We believe he sent Jesus to save us, and they do not. But God is the same God in all 3 abrahamic religions


Louisville ky

In my country, indonesia, people use the word Allah as a god eventhough they are christian.



Ill go 1 at a time
#1 Allah is (God) in arabic
#2 trinity concept came from the catholic church, which teaches God as 3 and that is Paganism
#3 NT was created by the Roman Catholic Empire , therefore the authenticity of the authors of the NT are questionable .
#4 Chriatians follow Paul not christ, all of the prophets taught as Christ taught them ,Paul was the only one who's teachings caused confusion within the people
#5 If you study yourself and search for truth in the Torah and The Quran and also learn the history of that Roman rule you will understand why "Christianity " is A Pagan practice



1. Muslims are not fair to accept parts of the Bible and not the whole of it. They partly disagree with Jesus and now they are talking of Christians following Paul. Who is Paul? Who is Saul? From where did Paul get his message? Who wrote the Quran and how do we believe the writers that they wrote exactly what Muhammad told them? Who was filled with the power to receive from God between Muhammad and those who were told to write?
2. Why are we only having the Quran in Arabic and why it is separated from the Bible? who did the separation was it God or man? People are reading about the other patriarchs in the Bible except Muhammad, is this fair if at all he had the same message to deliver people from sin and be submissive to the authority and power of God? Don't you see that by separating the Quran from the Bible, the Muslims have divided God's people? No religion on earth can proclaim to have people. We are God's people separated by the doctrines of world religions.

3. Fine, Jesus did not die according to Islam. He is also not the son of God according to Islam. (a) Now my questions are, why is the same Quran contradictory on the death of Jesus? (b) If God Himself says Jesus is my son, why should that be a problem to Muslims? Are they not believing that God can say that? Did the Muslims play any role when God was choosing Mary to be the mother of Jesus? A potter makes a lot of things out of clay and he prices them differently, why don't we ask him why he is doing that? The answer is that we are not the creators. God in the same way has every right to what He has created and not man/Muslims.

4. Jesus in John 5 said that those who have him have life and those who do not have him have no life. where are the Muslims here? Do they have Jesus, no? Do they have life, no? Why can't the Muslims debate much on issues of salvation and not do much of propagation of religion. It is God who ADDS people to a religion and not man. The God that I serve is more powerful and I can't help Him in any way, why do Muslims kill people who disagree with Islam? Are you telling me that this God/Allah has no power to kill those who personally disagree with Him? My God hates death of sinner then by killing this sinner that one is making him to die in that sinful condition. Is this what God wants?
5. Why are muslims trying to pave way for God? Why are Muslims giving God a constant character that He does not change in the way He wills. God as a creator does not change and He has many methods of discharging His operations. He does not ask any body? The best we could do is to accept and obey this God and never ask Him questions. Noah was given an ARK to save people. How a wooden ark would float on water nobody knew it. The fact remains that wood sinks when it has absorbed water. Moses was given the ten commandments to save people. People had no choice but to obey. Jesus was given salvation by repentance by accepting the grace of God which was Jesus Himself. God never chose and me, why? Everyone was given how his ministry would be on earth. Muhammad was given the Quran. People of the Bible accepted the other patriarchs up to Jesus. Why is it an issue when Muhammad came? Why are Christians not accepting Muhammad? Is it by choice? Messengers of God are accepted on the basis of what is revealed about them in God's words, the Torah/New testament. If what is in the Bible and what is in the Quran is not from God, the problem is not you and me but the people who first got the Word. They will answer for you and me because they misled us. The Bible has what it takes to save man with or without the church. If we are meant at outshining each other, we wont take even a mile. Lets pray to God to reveal to us the truth in us which will make us not to be slaves of religions which are full of man made doctrines. Muslims and Christians should know that God's people are the best asset that God gave to this world and misleading them is tatamount to final judgment which will ultimately be HELL.



Muslims don't and never believe in a human as God , Jesus is only a prophet in Islam . Esa worshiped God and he was never a God nor son Of God , this would be clear idolatry




Matthew 27:46 - "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani." Sabachtani means "Tarak'tani" in Arabic which means LEFT ME. but the church changed it to make it a bit nicer and say "forsaken me" so the real translation of that verse should be:
" GOD, GOD, WHY DID YOU LEFT ME." Unbiased Christians will not fail to recognize in his Semitic language Jesus called God Eli, ELLAH, or ALLAH.

Spell it as you wish, but don't error and call it God, father or Jehovah. The Fact Is: In both Semitic languages Hebrew and Arabic "ABBA" mean FATHER. In a few other familiar example, SALAAM and SHALOM have the same meaning, AHAD and AAHAD mean one (as in #1) etc... In Mathew 27:46 Jesus didn't call the Creator "abba", nor does Eli sound anywhere near Jehovah.


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