Is Allah Jesus?

10 Things Christians Should Know About Muslims And Jesus

A December 2019 Gallup poll found that the percentage of Americans who describe their Christmas celebrations as "strongly religious" has dropped to 35 percent. This is down from about half in previous measures in 2005 and 2010. Nonetheless, Christmas is celebrated by over 90 percent of Americans, which commemorates the birth of Prophet Jesus, God’s peace be upon him.

He is the central figure of Christianity, the religion of the European settlers who came to the country, and whose influence has defined American culture for over two centuries. What few Americans know is that he is important in Islam as well.
Is Allah Jesus? Here are 10 key things to know about Jesus in Islam:

  1. Jesus is considered a Prophet and Messenger of the One, All-Powerful God. Muslims offer words of prayer after saying his name, as they do for other Prophets and Messengers. In English, the phrase “peace be upon him” is a prayer seeking God’s peace for the Prophet being spoken of. 
  2. Muslims love Jesus. We also love Abraham, Moses, and Noah, to name just a few other Prophets Muslims revere. May God's peace be upon all of these great Messengers of God.
  3. Muslims also love the mother of Jesus, Mary. We believe she was a pious and noble woman chosen over all of the women of the world. The 19th chapter of the Quran is named after her. 
  4. Muslims believe that Jesus was born miraculously of a virgin mother and no father. His birth is miraculous like the birth of Prophet Adam, the first human being, who was created with neither mother nor father (Quran 3:59).
  5. Muslims do not believe that Jesus was the son of God (Quran 5:116). God is so Powerful and Self-Sufficient that He does not need a son or any kind of partner.
  6. In the Arabic Bible the name for God is “Allah”. Arab Christians call God “Allah”, as Muslims do. Prophet Jesus is called “Eesa” in Arabic (sometimes spelled “Isa” or “Eissa” in English).
  7. Jesus did not die on the cross. Rather, God saved him from his enemies and it was made to appear that he was killed (Quran 4:157). He was raised to Heaven.
  8. Jesus performed miracles by the Will of God, like healing the blind and those with leprosy (Quran 3:49).
  9. Jesus prayed to the same All-Powerful One God as all of the Prophets who preceded and succeeded him. 
  10. Jesus will return before the end of the world.


Ray, you have perfectly valid questions.  My advice is to re-read the Bible.  Look at what Jesus actually says, and compare it to what people say about him (peace be upon him).  Then read the Quran, and see which one matches best (i.e. the Quran, or what people say about Jesus).. 


Good communication article for Christians and Muslims. Truth is the one we pursue, not religion, which was created by human beings. People need a good judgement for the teachings from Christian churches or muslim temples, as there are some teachings are interpretations not really a truth.


New Jersey, USA

This covers the basic tenets of what the Quran teaches us about Jesus. In response to sijo's comments: "Those Messengers We endowed with gifts, some above others. To one of them Allah spoke, others He raised to degrees of honor; to Jesus, the son of Mary, We gave clear signs and strengthened him with the holy spirit. If Allah had so willed, succeeding generations would not have fought among each other, after clear signs had come to them. But, they chose to wrangle, some believing and some rejecting. If Allah had so willed, they would not have fought each other, but Allah fulfills his Plan". Allah gave us free will, and with free will, we will always disagree, but that won't spoil God's plan. And every prophet is special in a unique way - Moses spoke directly with God, the prophet David was made king, and Jesus was born of divine birth. God needs nothing; we need God and his messengers, and each message is unique and special.



I think this piece is infomative on some basic levels. Well prepared and thought out. My comments are that regardless if you are Christian or Muslim you believe in an allpowerfull God and both groups believe it is the same God. No one is able to read the hearts of men and God knows who prays to him. Finally, we need not try to defend our beliefs, that leads to division, and God is strong enough to defend himself and his divine, plan be it through redemption through sacrifice or through submission to his personage. thank you


north carolina

This information might seem like Christians and Muslims are all in one happy family, BUT Christians believe that Jesus is the only way to God. Therefore there is no way they can be related at all. God in Christianity is the Trinity of Father, Son (Jesus), and Holy Spirit. This is all God. This is not the same God at all as the Muslim God Allah.


These are some very interesting factors about Jesus and a strong bridge builder between muslims and christians. Jazaak Allah khair.



I am a Christian and I used to think that Allah was a false god.But now I know I was wrong.Thank you for writing this article so I can now have more of an understanding of Islam!


Southern California

Asalamu Alaikum!I enjoyed the simplicity of your article. It is obvious by reading some of the responses here, that there are still alot of ignorant people in this world. However, I am happy that you choose to education, rather than divide. We know that God is all mighty, and creates prophets as he pleaseths. When He ordains/decrees a matter He simply says "Be" and it is! Unfortunately the face of Islam in america has be greatly distorted by the acts of a few. God knows, if all we saw on TV all day was the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) parading up and down the streets in their white robes, claiming their violent acts, and claims of white supremacy in the name of Chritianity, who would ever want to be a christian??? However, I know better! I know alot of good christian people. A religious organization should never be disrespected based on the actions of a few within it. Believe me, Allah/God, will not be asking any of us what religion we're from. It is our acts of kindness, & acts of charity to our fellow man that gets rewarded in the here after.GenePeace!



I read your 10 points. I respect Islam but rejected its teachings. You wrote that Lord Jesus was created like Adam. But you forgot that in the case of Adam, God has no other way as Adam was the first human being on earth. But what about Lord Jesus. If God needed ONLY a prophet, He could simply create Jesus as any other man and could reveal Injil to Him as He had done to Moses and David. But God SENT Jesus with a divine birth. Why? Like that, I have refutations against each and every line in quran. Do you know the pre-islamic titles of allah? It was a pagan arabian moon god worshipped by pagan arabs in pre-islamic arabia. As regarding Allah in Arabic Bible, you must understand the exegesis of Holy Bible and how translations have been made. Please don't beat around the bush.Lord Jesus is ALIVE ...."Prophet" Muhammed is DEAD and may he rest in Christ's peace ...MARANATHA, LORD JESUS come fast. We sinned multitudes are eagerly waiting for your glorious return.sijo



The Quran says God needs no one and that's what Muslims believe. He needs no human, no prophet, no creature. He is not bound by time and death. It is us humans who need God for everything. He made us and He is able to do all things. He has all options. He can do anything. He doesn't. (PS look at your comment and see where you have used "need" "have to" "has no other way")

God is One. It was humans who mixed the revelations in the pre-Islamic times and starting calling moon and sun as god, God forbid.




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