National Calling Week for Flint Feb 15-19 |

National Calling Week for Flint Feb 15-19

The citizens of Flint are organized and their demands are clear. 

The Flint Coalition shared their demands over a conference call with partners and supporters across the US which was organized by Sound Vision in collaboration with the Charter of Compassion.  

We people of faith and interfaith resolved to support Flint by organizing a National Calling Week For Flint Feb 15-19. Please join us.

The Flint Coalition has the following four demands:

  1. All water pipes throughout the city of Flint must be changed.
  2. Pass the Stabenow/Peters/Kildee legislation in the Congress for financial support to Flint and persuade Governor Snyder to accept its conditions.
  3. Appoint an independent external auditor to monitor the influx of government capital to ensure it reaches the citizens.
  4. The maximum amount of funds must be kept in the Flint area through using local labor and contractors to revive the city economy.

Flint Coalition would like all citizens and organizations to amplify these demands through their elected officials.

Sound Vision and Justice for All team has developed the following material so that you can customize for your organization and network or to use as is:

If you need help with customization, please feel free to contact Jennifer Sawicz, media relations director at Justice for All, by e-mailing

You can be part of a lasting solution for Flint. Please organize and mobilize your community in sending out action materials today.

This is the least we people of compassion can do.

Thank you,
Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid (Sound Vision)
Marilyn Turkovich (Charter for Compassion)

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