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A Hajj packing list for Muslim women

This is a list suitable for someone staying in a tent or other non-hotel accommodations.

Please note: all items with an asterisk should be taken with you to Arafat.

  1. 2-3 Ihram outfits (if you choose to wear them)
  2. sheets
  3. body and hand towels
  4. comfortable scarf to wear indoors
  5. surgical masks to wear out in crowds - can be bought in the pharmacies in Saudi Arabia
  6. hair tie-backs
  7. coat hangers (also to use for drying washed clothes)
  8. tennis shoes
  9. socks
  10. pajamas
  11. robe
  12. broken-in rubber sandals
  13. Band-Aids
  14. tissues
  15. waterless hand wash liquid
  16. fanny pack
  17. non-scented soap
  18. washcloth in plastic bag
  19. pillow
  20. small bag or suitcase (for Arafat)
  21. umbrella (for sun!)
  22. prayer rug
  23. sunscreen (unscented)
  24. Quran
  25. Dua (suplication) and other Islamic books
  26. chapstick
  27. camp stool
  28. water bottle carrier and plastic cup
  29. battery-operated personal fan
  30. toothbrush and paste
  31. eye drops

Other notes:

The surest way to have a bad Hajj experience is to get sick.  Alhamdu lillah, I was one of the very few who didn't.  My recommendations are to wear surgical masks at all times when out in crowds, and most importantly, NEVER touch any part of your face without washing your hands first, either with soap and water, or, more practically, with the new waterless hand wash gel.

Also, at the first symptom of any illness, take echinacea, vitamin C, aspirin or whatever else is indicated.  And, of course, drink plenty of water at all times.

Another important piece of advice is when you are out in crushing crowds to never, ever attempt to retrieve any dropped item.  Shoes, fans, books can all be replaced, but there is a severe risk of being trampled should you try to stop or bend down.  As several fatal stampedes have occurred at the stoning of the Jamarat, have a 'scout' from your group check the crowd situation before you attempt to go there.


Its a small pouch that ties to your waste like a little wallet for money, travel documents, passports, etc...



it is a small pouch used by market traders and stall holders,it clips around the waste with the pouch in front,you keep your money in it.it has a zip and ensures no one can pinch your money without you knowing



Also called a Bum bag -small pouch/wallet attached to a belt you can wear around your waist to keep valuables safe and close to hand I'm guessing.



That is the name they give the rear end in the US. Of course the Brits were a bit uncomfortable because they refer to a different region with that term LOL.



jzk. extremely helpful info. can somebody tell me if the bath rooms are clean and do we need to bring adult diapers if one has weak bladder. also,are single womens tents really over crowded, and uncomfortable? I know its hajj,but I cant afford to get sick. Thank you.


new york

yepp it might come in handy for the elderlies.

you can read the rest of the requirements here:

I have divided the list into three parts: must-haves, better to have and extra nice to have. You can then pick according to your budget and requirement as to which items suit your individuality.




Also, feel free to download the printable PDF version for your convenience.

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Jazakha Allah Khayran, I wish to go to hajj next year insha Allah. I thought it will be good to start preparing now and this is a starting point for me. I found it helpful.



Asalam Alaikum, it is also important that any personal care products used, such as soap or lotion, during Hajj be compliant with Shariah, I found the following site very useful in this regard: www.labaykproducts.com




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