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6 reasons not to watch TV

1. The Sex

Ask yourself an honest question: given the number of times kissing, and various examples of sexual behavior show up on that screen (even the remote control doesn't work as well anymore) what would happen if Mom or Dad walked right in and sat beside you when it was on?

This nasty aspect of television is getting worse. Why subject yourself to it and earn Allah's anger as you catch even a glimpse of this Haram?

2. You could become more violent

Enough studies have shown the link between watching violence in the media regularly and violent behavior. It should come as no surprise that school shootings, road rage, and airplane rage, to name just a few examples of violence in our culture today, happen. Don't desensitize yourself, your siblings or your kids any longer. Start today to curb watching violence on TV.

3. You'll waste your life

You could have spent more time with your family and friends instead of watching TV. You could have read more about Islam, improved your commitment to Allah, and gained a better chance to get to Paradise in the Next Life. You could have spent more time studying which could have meant admission to medical school or a scholarship to the college you really wanted to attend, or...I think you get the picture. Wasting time means wasting your life. Most TV wastes your life.

4. You'll be less fit 

TV encourages you to just sit there and let your mind more or less go blank. You pick up pounds sitting there night after night, not getting any exercise.Obesity can lead to diseases later on in life. Sitting there in front of the tube is not good for your health. Walking outside in the fresh (or semi-fresh if you live in the city) air is much better.

5. Your mind will go numb

While TV shows make great topics of conversation amongst friends, future admissions officers at colleges and universities and employers, for instance, will not be impressed with your ability to recite, alphabetically, the cast of your favorite TV show. They will want to know that you are an individual who is aware of the world around him or her. That means someone who is engaged in intellectual pursuits, more specifically reading and DOING things in the community.

6. You'll get lazy

You will also become lazy by depending on this box to entertain you instead of being creative and finding ways to spend your time more usefully. TV can make you a dull couch potato.


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thnx u just did my homework this has alot of good reasons... :)



Its great. The reasons given are wonderful. All these days I used to say my childrens don't watch TV. But now I can say with reasons, and I am sure anybody after reading this reasons will surly will reduce watching TV if not fully stop watching TV. Thanks a lot.



I agree with all the points that the author made, and believe they are very good. I think it can be improved somewhat by citing sources for those points that can and are substantiated by sociological and scientific study.Thanks for making this available.


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this article should be distributed to all friends and friends send it to their friends , I will make it clear here , TV is this century cancer , in Middle east there new channels free 24 hrs movie , I ask every one wtatching this channel , why the channel owner will pay from his pocket to offer 24 hours western movie for free.... if you know the answer ...difintily you will shut down your TV as I did when I started making my DBA in marketing...



Excellent, I will forward this and more articles around to the people I care about inshallah, its high time that we Muslims woke up to these points and looked at Television from a serious islamic perspective, its high time that we listened to the advice of our scholars when it comes to television. The ironic and hypocritical thing i find in us is that any of us, who would like to call themseves Allah-fearing, would think twice, if at all, about committing any of the acts of fitnah and haram we see on television and yet we all create an envirenment in our "livingrooms" that advertises and promotes these acts to our family members, children, siblings and brothers (the people to whom we are most responsible for dawah).. the trouble is that we hardly do any active work in directly undoing the harm that we subject our families to see on television, compared to the fitnah we expose our families to, we dont do an iota's work of dawa, teaching and guiding to the proper path of Allah and His messenger. I pray to Allah to give me and all of us Muslims the strength to fight this weakness in us.. for the sake of our beloved family members, we must ban TV as we ban alcohol in our homes.. if not more!


ottawa, canada


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