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What Would Prophet Muhammad Think of ISIS?

Does ISIS represent Islam as lived by the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of God be upon him?

The following chart makes it clear that the terrorist group does not.  

Prophet Muhammad, Peace & Blessings    ISIS The Terrible Terror
said to be merciful to people so God is merciful to you angers God by being merciless to humanity

banned killing prisoners enjoys beheading prisoners

prohibited killing any civilians kills civilians, including children

established law and order seeks to destroy law and order

campaigned to end slavery is reestablishing slavery

freed all of his slaves enslaves people

prohibited rape engages in rape

established peace among warring tribes of Arabia and different religious groups terrorizes and rejects peace among people

expressly forbade burning any creature alive burns people alive

declared Muslims, pagans, and Jews of his state as one people with full freedoms has no regard for people of other faiths like Christians and Yazidis

ordered Muslims to protect churches destroys churches

abided by his treaties and agreements breaks all treaties

Prohibited calling a Muslim a Kafir calls everyone a Kafir who does not follow them

Prophet Muhammad, God’s peace and blessings be upon him, is described in the Quran as a Mercy to all of the worlds. He came to establish peace, justice, law, and order. As the table above notes, ISIS is diametrically opposed to everything he taught and expected his followers to adhere to. 

ISIS does not represent Islam or Muslims.

Please download a pdf of “How Prophet Would Think of ISIS” here. Or order printed copies for young people and our neighbors by calling 1-800-432-4262. 


Prophet Mohammed would be utterly dissapointed and sad to know his message was misused by apes. He even predicted their coming and called them the Khawrij which I quote 'would have long hair like us , look like us but indeed be of pure evil. They will spead false learning and I ask my followers to not follow them even if death will come to you' he also said "they will carry names of places rather of clans and kin" (al baghdadi / al shishani etc etc). I think the beloved prophet today would have a neat beard, walk around in a nice suite, smell good, look good and brighten people up with his humour and social spirit.



I am a Christian. Most people think of Islam as death and destruction. I have met and work with many Muslims. They are silent in condemning the cause of Isis. This encourages the perception of Islam being evil. I wish you would encourage other Muslims to join your cause and educate Muslims not to be silent. I also encourage people in your organization to support Trump. Most in government do not know how to deal with radical terrorists. This is proven by past record. Trump is reaching out to Muslims right now 2 join him to develop policy that works. I wish you success.



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