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Where am I from?

Where am I from?



I am from a palm tree, an oasis in the desert of life, where people throw me with rocks to harvest my dates.
I can still smell the tent’s scent that sheltered all of us with no walls in between.
I am from the echoes of a shepherd flute, where all what existed danced on my breeze.
I am from the blonde raisins that colored my father’s face with sweetness and joy.
I am my grandfather’s carob tree that quenched his thirst after a long day of fasting.
I am from the land of chocolate where all dreams came true, the bedtime story that made my eyes sleep in the reality of love and care.
I am from the blessed water that brought life to all Arabia;
I am the answered prayers of Abraham’s supplications to safeguard a mother and a boy.
I am from the shade of an olive tree where family reflected the color of the oil in the shine of their eyes.

O you grains of wheat! Bring all those faces dusted in flour for a hot, morning, loaf of bread with tea.
O you my beloved backyard! Paint for me a salad dish from the colors of your blanket.
Let the birds migrating south carry our name. We are the legend that keeps strength in each hand planting a seed. We are the hope for generations to teach how patience prevails.
I am from each one of you.
O people! You are my family; and the clay you walk on is my home. You are my picture album that I keep opening every time my eyes look around.
Grant me your smiles and I shall live in peace.


Imam Kifah Mustapha is the Imam of Mosque Foundation of Bridgeview, IL 

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