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What Masjids Can Do To Fight Islamophobia?

The Masjid is where the action is. Muslims and their resources are connected with Masjids. Rethinking how to use those resources will help the Ummah greatly.

1. Make “Islamophobia” a new menu tab:

Please develop a new menu item for Masjid website called “Islamophobia.” If you need content for it, Sound Vision can provide that.

2. Adopt a MSA:

Students have tremendous power to make change, but require guidance and funding. Some Masjids in America adopt MSAs to help them. Jewish Federations throughout the country fund Hillel on college campuses, since funding through students’ unions is limited.

3. Set goals for interfaith:

Interfaith work needs to have set goals. One is how to combat hate and Islamophobia. See our sheet on what interfaith partners can do to help. Let Muslim women speak: Muslim women can more effectively answer the top objections to Islam: violence and women’s status. The Masjid can provide training opportunities for this task.

4. Oppose war-terrorism-Islamophobia as a set:

War, terrorism, and Islamophobia feed off of each other. Muslims routinely condemn terrorism, but it will be considered more legitimate by the peace and justice movement when we condemn the whole set. Organize presentations on Islamophobia: Our neighbors want to hear about real issues. Sound Vision can provide a list of 20 such presentations for neighbors and interfaith partners.

5. Buy books in bulk:

There are now a number of books which can be given out as gifts to our neighbors of other faiths, not just about Islam but also on the issues facing American Muslims. Many Masjids distribute such books. If you need a bibliography, please let Sound Vision know.

6. Reorganize your budget:

Finally, let us revisit our budget. If you agree that we are facing serious challenges, we need to think, plan, and allocate funds to meet those challenges.

7. Develop partnerships with other Masjids at the regional level:

Chicago has the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago, Michigan has the Michigan Muslim Community Council. These are regional partnerships between Masjids and Islamic organizations that pool resources, build unity, and strengthen our ability to speak with one voice.

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