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Unconventional Teaching Careers

Teaching is a calling. It is an opportunity to intimately touch other humans’ hearts and minds. It requires much inspiration, planning, and assessment. Much of teachers’ heartfelt thoughts and labor are poured into their lessons. Due to the nature of this work, it most definitely is not an easy task. Much like being a doctor, passion and drive are essential to a teacher’s job. Therefore, if you or your child expressed an interest in being a teacher, here are some considerations that broaden the opportunities beyond conventional public schools or university professor tracks.

Teaching from your Industry

 There are many opportunities out there. For example, suppose you are a young or middle-aged adult who is qualified in your industry. In that case, you can easily teach at a community college, institute, or in training sessions at corporations within your field. If you are an undergraduate looking to teach youth outside of public schools, you can teach at private schools, online, training institutes or courses, and schools abroad.

Community colleges or institutes H3 Header

These institutions do not often require a teaching degree for you to teach there. Only your degree from the field you wish to teach for is needed. For example, if you are an accountant, you can teach an accounting course. Or an entrepreneurial business graduate with real world experience can teach a simple business course. Simply call or visit these campuses to find out if you fit their job requirements for teaching there. You may also apply online to such positions. If you know of a friend or acquaintance who is or knows of someone teaching at an institute or community college, use them as a reference to get in. You can also start finding such jobs on websites like Indeed.com or Linkedin.com

Training at Corporations

Many times, corporations have outsiders come in to help their employees develop new skills in emerging technologies such as machine learning, AI, data science, cybersecurity, or industry-specific topics. They also routinely train their employees on products and applications that they themselves use internally or provide to others. Corporations may also have online training and learning portals for their own employees. In addition, larger corporations have various learning programs that help with self-improvement, health and wellness, or life-enrichment skills such as good nutrition, meditation, or exercise.

Teaching After Completing University

Private or Faith-based Schools

In addition to public schools, you can teach at private or faith-based schools. Private schools usually require a teaching degree, especially in the subject you wish to teach. Some faith-based schools, however, don’t always require a teaching degree but experience in teaching and knowledge of the subject you wish to teach is key. Visiting the schools for information and showing interest or applying online are usually the ways you would be hired at these places.

Teach Training Institute Courses

A training institution is a college that offers a variety of courses like bookkeeping that aim to teach and train the student in a specific field. Courses at a training institute equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to function in a particular job organizational training, institutes of technology, business development institutes, automotive, technical training, and all kinds of vocational trades. These centers of learning provide in-person or online/distance learning programs and help individuals gain new skills in their current or new field by offering completion certifications. These can be helpful for promotions, to apply for higher positions, or be able to apply to jobs in their new industry of choice. A teacher can easily spend 3-4 months teaching one or two courses.

You can even train at-risk individuals who want to integrate into society through employee or student development programs. One such program is Canadian Training Institute, which is a non-profit organization that offers high-quality specialized training programs and workshops to youth-at-risk in addition to consulting assistance and applied research projects for criminal justice and related human service agencies and companies. Their clients include organizations and companies, and their customers/clients in the areas of mental health, addictions, criminal justice, youth work, shelters, hostels, community health, and community centres; as well as, hospitals, schools, various branches of government and companies.

They even offer indigenous-oriented institutes so that their identity and customs are kept intact during the course of their educational journey.  One good resources to consider is Indigenous Institutes | ontario.ca

Simply look up the institutes as you would a student then call or email them to see if they are hiring teachers for their center. You can also look up these jobs at job portals such as indeed.com.

Teaching Online

Teaching or tutoring online gives you the opportunity to work remotely from home and often lets you choose a schedule that works for your unique needs. In addition to many community colleges or universities which offer online courses, you can teach through an online organization or institution such as:

You can also create your own platform and courses through websites like Teachable and Thinkific. The software is designed for folks without tech skills and for a monthly fee provides a unique website, communication and marketing resources, and more. You can also make passive income through this method if marketed well and consistently.

Schools Abroad

Many schools abroad are looking for teachers with a degree from North American or European degrees to work at their schools. You can easily apply through places such as: 

All in all, with the establishment of online teaching platforms, advanced global connectivity that allow for easy international teaching opportunities, and many short-term certifications, there are a multitude of opportunities for freshly graduated youth and seasoned industry individuals to take on a teaching career!

Sumayya Khan is a homeschooling mother of two and a teacher. She has worked with several Islamic schools and organizations in the last 10 years. She is currently teaching Literature online with Dawanet and studying the Qur’an through Al-Huda Institute. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family and friends, play sports, enjoy nature, and read books. She currently resides with her family in Toronto, Canada. 

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