Two Weeks Before Ramadan: A Checklist |

Two Weeks Before Ramadan: A Checklist

Two weeks before Ramadan is the time to hit the accelerator and speed up our efforts to prepare for the blessed month so we can reap its tremendous rewards. Here are some things to take care of at this point. 

  1. Take care of any tasks you already have not in our one month before Ramadan checklist. ____
  2. Order all Eid clothes. Shipping has slowed down for some things due to the COVID-19 pandemic and supply issues. If you order earlier, you are more likely to get what you need in time. ____
  3. Order all Eid gifts. Same reason as above. ____
  4. Plan your Ramadan daily schedule. You will need to make time for work and/or studying, fasting, praying, and doing more good. Use the five daily prayers and Taraweeh as the pegs of your day and build the rest of your tasks around them. ____
  5. Plan your Ramadan meals and make sure to include a meal and chore chart of responsibilities if you live with others. ___
  6. If you want to host an Iftar, send out invitations now. Also, do as much prep work for it now (cleaning, if you want to cater, booking that, etc.). ___
  7. Cook and pre-freeze meals so that you can just heat and warm on at least some days during Ramadan. ___
  8. Deep clean the house. ___
  9. Finalize all of your Ramadan goals for this year. ___
  10. Start decorating your house for Ramadan, especially if you have children, so they can feel the happiness and joy of the upcoming month. ___
  11. Finalize your charitable giving. Set up auto-pay for what you can so that you don’t forget to give. For instance, you can set up a system so that you automatically give $25 in charity every Friday of Ramadan. ____

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