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Ramadan Report Card: The First 10 Days

We’ve almost reached the end of Ramadan’s first 10 days, and it’s scary how fast they’ve passed.

For a number of us, we’re moving full speed ahead with our goals Alhamdu lillah. For others, we want to kick ourselves for the time we’ve wasted not doing so.

Regardless of what our situation is, it’s always helpful to engage in self-evaluation. Umar ibn al Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him, once said,”Hold yourself accountable before you are held accountable, and weigh your deeds before they are weighed for you.”

With that in mind, here is a sample report card you can use to grade yourself with to measure how well you’ve used the blessed month’s first 10 days.

Grading Standards:

A: My Ramadan is excellent and I’m reaching my goals
B: My Ramadan is very good but needs improvement
C: More conscious effort needs to be put in using my time in Ramadan wisely
D: I think I’m giving up on my goals too easily in Ramadan 
F: Is it really Ramadan?



All five completed on time
All five completed within the first hour of prayer time
Necessary Sunnahs prayed
Extra Sunnahs prayed
Participation in Taraweeh prayers




Making Dua with every prayer
Dua lists being used during critical times (e.g. fast breaking)


Zakat paid (if you pay in Ramadan yearly)
Weekly Sadaqah
Non-monetary Sadaqah (e.g. smiling, removing harmful thing from road, etc.)
Participation in service work (e.g. feeding the hungry, making lunches, etc.)


Avoiding backbiting
Avoiding lying 
Avoiding arguing
Respecting parents and/or other elders
Being kind to children
Avoiding arrogance
Controlling anger 
Avoiding overeating
Avoiding food wastage 
Keeping in touch with relatives, especially parents

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