Plan & budget outline of Radio Islam |

Plan & budget outline of Radio Islam

Sound Vision Foundation would like to achieve the following goals through project.

  1. Develop quality programming for the radio
  2. Webcast all these programs through
  3. Make this programming available to 250 cities where Islamic radio hour exists
  4. Provide daily Talk Show hour to Chicago and other cities who are planning to be on air daily
  5. Develop a network of these radio programs
  6. Engage young Muslim talent through training workshops, internships, and by sharing know how to participate in creative programming

Art and technology of Radio is old but still powerful and far less expensive than TV. Alhamdu lillah, more than 250 Islamic Radio program are being aired through out the USA. Most of them are weekly. Mostly masjids devote their resources to buy air time and then play whatever free material they can find to air. None of them have enough resources to do quality programming by hiring professional staff who is trained to take advantage of the media.

According to a survey done by a Muslim professor of communication, Muslim youth choose proper use of media by Muslims a top priority .

What are the features/programs?

  • Daily news, report and analysis
  • Talk shows with Muslim and non-Muslim experts, government officials, politicians, with call in facility
  • How to's and tips for which is known for
  • Songs by Muslim singers and other singers of quality content
  • Interviews with experts in bridge-building, mediation, human relations,
  • History moment: short vocal dramatization with sound effects
  • Story telling: Stories are a great Eastern connection with the West.

How much does it take to run RadioIslam per year?

  • To develop program and run with daily creative programming for the first year: $348,800
  • To reedit these programs and provide 4 weekly master in 28 minute and 58 minute size to 250 Islamic radio program, it will cost per year: $85,800
  • To offer internship for 5 persons per year: $13,500
  • To offer radio programming workshops in 5 cities: $28,000
  • The cost of putting daily shows on air will be the responsibility of the city community except in Chicago where Sound Vision is leading the effort.

How will it be standing on its feet?

  • Almost all of Sound Vision's past programs are standing on its feet and we no longer raise funds for those programs. Similarly we plan to achieve self sufficiency for through the following ways:
  • After providing free programming for two years, we plan to start charging for the program.
  • We will also develop revenues from sponsorship messages from different companies once we develop the collective profile of the total audience of all these radios.
  • We will sell successful audio programs to consumers directly to increase our revenue
  • We will also organize ticket based shows for the artists working with
  • We may have to continue fundraising until we achieve the self-sufficiency. In that case we may do on air fundraising as is done by NPR.



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