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My Beloved: Reflecting on the Names and Attributes of Allah, Part 2

Last week I introduced the ebook My Beloved: A series of reflections on the Names and Attributes of Allah in everyday life by Amaney Kazlak et al., as well as a synopsis of Part 1. I explained how the book can serve as an excellent blueprint for committing to a daily practice of introspection and meaningful action during Ramadan. This week I will share some nuggets of wisdom from Part 2.

In the second part of her book called “Reflections on Nature,” Kazlak discussesnine more of Allah’s names: Al-Khallaq, Al-Bari’, Al-Musawwir, Al-Jameel, Al-Badee’, Al-Mubdi’, Al-Azeez, Al-’Aliyy, and Al-’Azheem.  

Kazlak uses snowflakes as an example of one of Allah’s magnificent creations. She reminds us that Al-Khallaq, the Perpetual Creator, made everything in existence, from billions of snowflakes to each and every tree, rock, plant, and human. Al-Bari’, the Maker, is the One who designed the perfect conditions for snowflakes to form thousands of feet above us in the clouds. If it’s too cold, the flakes turn to ice, and if it’s too warm, they turn to rain. Snowflakes fall only when the conditions are just right, and though they fall by the millions, each one is unique. How amazing is our Creator! 

Kazlak reminds us that just as He orchestrates the falling snow, Allah has also created our individual life circumstances. She writes: 

“Your journey in the dunya is unique and solely for you, His slave. Every moment of your every day in this journey of dunya has been designed specifically for you, His servant. Whether you’re thirty-nine and divorced with kids, or you just turned thirty and are a parent of four little munchkins, or you’re forty-three and are still searching for that loving spouse, remember that Al-Khallaq, Al-Bari’, Al-Musawwir [The Fashioner] is the intricate designer of your very being and your journey.”1

In discussing Al-Jameel, Kazlak discusses how Muslims should strive to be holistically beautiful: our appearance, words, and actions should all reflect the beauty that Allah has endowed us with. Then, the fascinating Pacific octopus and the peregrine falcon are two of Allah’s magnificent creations that inspire Kazlak to feel in awe of Al-Badee’, the Originator, and Al-Mubdi’, the Beginner, who designed all of earth’s diverse creatures with amazing precision. 

Using her memory of an unexpected snowstorm that left her and hundreds of other motorists to cope with a dangerous, lengthy commute, Kazlak reflects on Al-’Azeez, the Mighty, and Al-Aleem, the All-Knowing. She writes about how His “power and might come with great precision and detail”2 and He orchestrates our life events to deliver messages and lessons to us. 

Kazlak uses memories of watching the sun rise over the beach in Egypt as a child to reflect on Al-’Aliyy, The Most High and Al-’Azheem, the Magnificent, who is “greater than any problem or situation we may face.”3 She writes: 

“Sometimes we go through difficult times in life, feeling like there’s no way out. We are enveloped within the long, quiet, darkness of the night, unable to see past it. Yet when the sun rises, it rises with so much brightness, speed, and enthusiasm that it erases all traces of darkness witnessed before it. Similarly, Al-‘Azheem, the Magnificent, has the power to erase all traces of your most difficult and darkest moments.”4

Just like in Part 1, Kazlak ends each chapter of Part 2 with sections called “Self Reflection” and “I Want to Soar.” These sections provide prompts to get readers to think deeply about Allah’s Names and Attributes and then encourage us to make specific plans to incorporate positive changes in our life. 

I am enjoying reading My Beloved during the month of Ramadan. It is the kind of book you can read in small sections if you have limited time. It inspires me to feel love and awe for my Creator and helps me plan some concrete actions that will draw me closer to Him, inshaAllah, God willing. One disadvantage of this ebook is that I can ’t read it on my Kindle Paperwhite because its format is not compatible. I have to read it on the Kindle app on my phone, which is not ideal because the text is so small. Overall, though, I would recommend this ebook to friends as an excellent read for Ramadan or any time of year. 

End Notes

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