Here is what YOU accomplished!

Dear Friends,
Assalamu Alaykum.

Last week, you saved countless lives and properties in Sri Lanka - through your support for Sound Vision’s work.

As Buddhist extremists attacked 500 Muslim locations including 30 Masjids in one day, our strategists spent tens of hours getting our government to talk to Sri Lankan high officials, urging its law enforcement to better protect the country’s Muslim minority.

Alhamdu lillah, we were successful in protecting the lives of our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka. For now, the police are stopping attacks, despite initially refusing to do so.

How were we able to achieve this, given the type of administration we currently have in the United States? This is where you, and your support, come in.

Through your support, we persuaded our government to give $400 million to Rohingya refugees instead of the $30 million it initially promised. We also got the Republican controlled House to pass a resolution declaring the Rohingya persecution a “genocide.” Last week’s work in Sri Lanka was an extension of those efforts.

Here is how it all works:
Step 1: You donate to Sound Vision.
Step 2: With your funds we hire professionals who work full-time to address the issue.
Step 3: We engage our hired public relations firm to quickly and effectively to achieve the best results.
Step 4: We retain consultants in Washington, DC with clear goals who can reach across the political divide to assist us achieve results.


This is how you are helping the ummah.

We Muslims in America are free Alhamdu lillah. Most Muslim minorities are not. Freedom is not just a blessing. It means we have a responsibility to speak up for those who do not have it. That is why Sound Vision speaks up for Muslim minorities around the world; in Sri Lanka, Burma, and more recently, in China through our campaign.

Relief work is necessary, but preventing genocide is critical. That is what Sound Vision’s strategic communication program is all about. And Sound Vision is the only entity which does that. From Bosnia Task Force, to Kosovo Task Force, to Burma Task Force and now Save Uighur campaign.

However, our strategic communication initiative also involves telling our story, media production, monitoring and engagement. An example of this is our production of the nation’s only daily Radio Islam show.
But good communicators are not born, they are developed when we commit to raising the next generation of Muslims to be better Muslims, better neighbors, and better citizens. And that happens when we raise them with a strong grounding in Islam, train them in the skills they need to convey our story, and provide for their needs in times of crises.

Sound Vision’s programs address all of these concerns. We offer weekend school teacher training, 38 new episodes of our Adam’s World program for young children, youth organizational training, internships, and mentorships.

We depend on your donations. Top scholars, including the head Imam of the Haramain, have given Fatwas that this work is Zakat-eligible. Please donate to Sound Vision today.

Your brother in Islam
Abdul Malik Mujahid

P.S. While making Dua in your choicest moment in Ramadan, please remember the oppressed Muslims as well as those who are trying to help them.

P.P.S. Please also remember all American children in your Dua. Scholars are saying that it will take a generation or two before the current phase of hate and anger which is dividing our nation will give way to better relations between all Americans.