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9 things Masjids can do for the Prophet

As the single most identifiable Muslim institution, the mosque or Islamic center must become the hub of all things relating to Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. That means being a storehouse of information and inspiration about his blessed life and legacy for both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Here are a couple of ideas to start this process:

1. Purchase a large quantity of books about the Prophet

There are many, many books out there about the Prophet, but only a select few that really tell his story with honesty and integrity. Order these in bulk and make sure they are available in your Masjid or center's library.

2. Make sure your local churches and synagogues also have copies

Both of these houses of worship receive anti-Islamic material from non-profits that benefit from spreading hate and lies about Islam and Muslims. Make sure the churches and synagogues in your area all have copies of good books about the Prophet in their library as well.

3. Give the gift of documentary or film

Don't restrict yourself to one medium. Films about the life of the Prophet are also excellent sources of material about him and will cater to those who prefer them over books.

4. Regularly allocate Zakat funds for this purpose

Two of the categories of zakat are “fee Sabeelillah” (for the sake of Allah) and mu'allafati Qulubihim (to open the hearts). In other words, they can be given to projects that support better understanding and information about Islam. Devote a portion of your Masjid's Zakat funds for this by using them to distribute books, films, pamphlets, children' programs, etc. about our beloved Prophet.

5. Assess your local library's selections on the Prophet

Almost every public library is bound to have some material on the Prophet. Establish a team of people who review these items, and determine what kind of mainstream books, cds, etc. are missing. Then, submit a request for purchase to the library, asking them to buy your suggested list of items.

If they say they don't have the budget to do this, offer them the material as a gift..

6. Organize a program about the Prophet

This does not have to be during the month of Rabi al Awwal, when he was born. It can be any time of the year. Ideally, a short lecture followed by a long period for questions and answers should be the preferred format.

7. Sponsor an MSA program

Muslims Students' Associations are one of the best organizations to put together programs about the Prophet. They have access to large space and speakers who can speak about some aspect of the Prophet's life. Their annual Islam Awareness Week has become legendary as a time for activities on campuses across the U.S. and Canada.

Your Masjid can sponsor an MSA program and help them get a more sought after speaker, for example, or purchase good quality posters, books, pamphlets, etc. about the Prophet.

8. Speakers' Bureau for the Prophet

Train some of the sisters or younger people in your community in public speaking. They can then become part of your Masjid's Speakers' Bureau, available to schools, libraries, churches and different clubs to speak about some aspect of Islam, including our Prophet.

Have your  mosque website's webmaster develop an online form for speaker requests on various topics. One of the topics should be some aspect of the Prophet's life

9. Support Shariah.org

Attacks on Islam are coming relentlessly because of bad Muslim behavior and Islamophobes. There are tools Muslims need to develop to clarify the misunderstanding and propaganda. For example, not a single concise, brief, and easy to read book about the Sharia is available, despite the fact that this topic is gaining increasing notoriety.

Sharia is in essence about the Muslim lifestyle, as exemplified by the life of the Prophet. Currently, Sound Vision is developing the website Sharia.org, which aims to clarify the misinformation and outright lies about Islam. We would like your Masjid to contribute to that project. And if you contribute $1,000 or $5,000, that will help us develop a comprehensive website about Sharia, as well as the concise  book we will be developing insha Allah. As well, your Masjid will receive a credit for it and you will be given free copies to distribute to neighbors.

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