response to ramadan mubarak wiith 8 Important tips on sharing with others

Response to Ramadan Mubarak: 8 Important Tips on Sharing with Others

As Ramadan is a great opportunity to share Islam so the response to Ramadan Mubarak is, its values of spirituality, generosity, and kindness with others, especially neighbors. Here are eight practical ways to do that.

Narrated Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-'As: Mujahid said that Abdullah ibn Amr slaughtered a sheep and said:

Have you presented a gift from it to my neighbor, the Jew, for I heard the Apostle of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) say: Gabriel kept on commending the neighbor to me so that I thought he would make an heir?

(Abu Dawud)

The Prophet Muhammad said:

"He is not a believer who eats his fill while his neighbor remains hungry by his side."


"By Allah, he has no faith (the Prophet repeated it three times) whose neighbors are not safe from his wickedness."



Ramadan is a great opportunity to share Islam and more specifically, its values of spirituality, generosity and kindness with others, especially your neighbors.

Here are some ideas on how you can share the joy with your neighbors in response to Ramadan Mubarak

1. Begin with Dua

Make Dua that Allah give you and your family the sincerity, strength, motivation and wisdom to do this. Dawa is hard work, and it needs preparation, commitment and organization.

2. Put up a Ramadan banner on your door

This can be something handmade or something more formal.

But don't stop there. Print out a factsheet on Ramadan and stick that on the door to educate readers passing by about the blessed month and what it means to Muslims.

3. Send neighbors Iftar snacks

Include a note with the food that the month of Ramadan is here and you are sharing your joy with them.

You can offer snacks that are not just "American" but also "ethnic" (i.e. African, Middle Eastern, Indo-Pakistani, etc.). You can include index cards with the snacks listing all of the ingredients. This will help neighbors avoid food that causes allergies.

4. Give kids Ramadan Mubarak balloons and candy

Let your neighbors' kids also feel the happiness of Ramadan by including chocolate and candy among your snacks. Balloons also add a nice touch, and if you can get some printed which have "Ramadan Mubarak" written on them, they may remember the blessed month even after it has passed.

5. Publish Ramadan information in your neighborhood newsletter

If you are part of a tenants' association, a group within your housing complex or your neighborhood block parents' association and they publish a newsletter, inform them about Ramadan and prepare a short write-up about the month. This is a great way of informing many more neighbors about Ramadan.

6. Have a neighborhood Iftar gathering

You don't have to invite everyone. Perhaps just the closest neighbors can attend this event. Send handmade invitations for an "Iftar gathering" at most a week in advance (avoid the word "party" as it may be misunderstood to mean a gathering including alcohol, loud music, etc.).

Ask about allergies or other food issues before establishing the menu. Include American and "ethnic" food.

Be sure to invite Muslim family and friends who are comfortable interacting with non-Muslims to this event, and brief them about how they should properly share Ramadan with the neighbors.

Also, have some written material on Ramadan available for your guests. You can print out this factsheet and put it on some fancy paper to add to the festive air of the evening.

At the gathering:

Be cordial, generous and friendly, but maintain Islamic rules of behavior and modesty. This should not be a "party" in the common understanding, but more of a religious celebration that is spiritual and respectful to all.

Don't impose information. Just let non-Muslim guests ask questions, if they want to. As well, be ready for questions about Islam and violence/terrorism, the oppression of women, etc. Give neighbors the benefit of the doubt and clarify their misunderstanding in a calm, gentle manner.

7. Get your kids on it

Tell your kids to inform other neighbors' kids what response to Ramadan Mubarak is all about and have the children invite their classmates to your Iftar gatherings.

8. Talk about what Ramadan means to you

What’s it like to fast? How do you work/go to school and still fast? These are some questions you may be asked. Don’t just point your guests to the pamphlets. Tell them and use some personal examples they can relate to.


I'm not a muslim but I love learning about other religions and this site helps me understand more about Ramadan as well as my Muslim friends who are fasting for this blessed month. Thanks! Peace and love to all.


I had a neighbor who is Muslim leave a give at my door for Ramadan. It was a beautiful note with a bag of sweet treats some homemade and some purchased. What a beautiful gesture. What would be the appropriate thing for me to do to reciprocate and let them know how much it meant? I am not Muslim would really like to know. Thank you


West Chester Ohio

Salaam, Peace & Blessings be upon you,
Jean, honestly, just saying thank you would be more than appreciated! However, you can definitely reciprocate in many other ways. An idea might be to buy sone dates, and send a note saying "Ramadan Mubarak". We usually open our fasts with water and dates, and something muslims do during ramadan. Another option may be to send them something sweet on Eil-ul-Fitr, this is our celebration after ramadan.
Hope this helps some,



A very good and interesting article. We never thought of inviting the non muslims, introducing artiles on Ramadan, the banners. Since there is a lot of misunderstandings about Islam this is a good way of showing what Islam is. Good work


sri lanka

Wonderful piece, will certainly share it with friends, Ramadan Kareem


Kampala, Uganda

Jazakallahu khairanit is a very good article and beneficial this article encourages brotherhood which allways islam emphasizes on



The tips on sharing ramadan with non muslim neighbours was really good and helpful.I hope we will spread the spirit of islam in the whole wide world.



Thankyou so much these information make me feel very happy because iam muslim and i wish everyone know how islam protect people from doing bad things please do more i hope to all muslims happy ramadan.may ALLAH help all people to get on well with islam



The article was amazing!..Refreshingly new ideas! I particularly like the snacks for neighbors and balloons for the kids. Since Halloween will be during Ramadan, all my neighbors will be coming to ME anyways so instead of closing the lights and not participating, this would give us a chance to make dawa and inform them with flyers and Ramandan ethnic snacks! Insha'Allah this could be good...


Ontario, Canada


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