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8 Ramadan ideas for your campus

Short on ideas for what to do on campus about Ramadan? Or are you not sure what things to prepare for at your college during Ramadan?

Here are some things to remember and ideas you can use to bring Muslims closer together and do Dawa. None of them require a big budget.

1. Make sure to inform the mess hall about your food times

If you live on campus and pay for the meals, you need to inform the cafeteria people about the change in your lunch schedule. Some universities in the US already have such arrangements. If yours doesn't make a point to speak to the person in charge so you can eat Iftar and Suhoor at your designated times without missing out on your food, which you've paid for.

2. Have your MSA organize "Ramadan awareness week"

This does not have to be on the large scale that Islam Awareness Week usually is every year. A simple, attractive and colorful display of photographs and art, along with free pamphlets and written information about Ramadan should do the trick. A Ramadan Mubarak banner would also add a nice touch.

3. Write an opinion column in your campus newspaper

Contact the school newspaper as soon as possible and explain that you would like to do a personal opinion piece on Ramadan and why it is important. If you can tie it in to something going on on campus or to world events (i.e. what's happening in Jerusalem and Palestine). Get the guidelines and the deadlines and submit it quickly. Try to get it proofread by at least one Islamically knowledgeable person before you send it off.

4. Every weekend or Friday evening, hold an open Iftar and invite non-Muslims to it

Arrange to book an open space on campus to do this. You can simply have an Iftar and leave it at that, or even better, arrange to have a SHORT talk on some spiritual aspect of Ramadan after the Iftar. Choose speakers who are knowledgeable, wise and who can speak well.

5. Have an Iftar gathering in your dorm room

If space allows it, invite friends and a couple of acquaintances to an Iftar gathering in your dorm room or your apartment on campus. This will give the occasion a more warm and personal touch, in addition to the outreach different organizations on campus may already be doing.

6. Have the library put up a display about Ramadan and Islam

This should not only provide free brochures and written information to those interested. There should also be attractive photographs and Islamic art to attract the attention of passersby. And if make a point of booking a space for this kind of display next year.

7. Talk about Ramadan in your classes

Bring up the topic especially in sociology, anthropology and religion classes. Even better, talk to the teacher about doing a presentation on Ramadan to show the personal side of the occasion.

8. Do a commentary on campus radio about Ramadan

Find a radio show that gets a big audience and ask them about doing a short commentary about Ramadan. You can make it informational, but even better, mix some humor into it. Find out when you can do this and what the guidelines are.

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i think this article is superb and by the help of the ideas, people out in the non muslim countries can really make a big difference!unfortunately, a lot of people are probably not even going to make an attempt and spend the great holy month of ramazam just like all other months of the year....



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