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5 things you can do to promote things better than TV

Yes, we know, not all TV is bad. There's the Learning Channel and Discovery Channel, for instance. Great! That just leaves about 90 to 95 percent of programming which qualifies more or less as trash.

Don't believe us? Check out some statistics

and if you've got kids or younger brothers or sisters, just watch how they become like Zombies in the face of this glowing box of charms.

So, if you are convinced of the dangers of television, here are some things you can do to convince family, friends and your local Muslim community to do the same.

1. Stop yourself

No anti-TV campaign will work if it's focused on others but not yourself. Make sure you aren't watching TV or that you are at least trying to cut back. Practice what you preach.

2. Have a family discussion on TV

If you're family has been passively gathered around the TV for years and considers this "family time" try something different. Turn the TV OFF and discuss your relationship with television. Who knows, maybe this discussion will be so much more interesting, you'll end up replacing family TV time with family talk time once a week?

3. Talk to younger brothers and sisters

If bringing your whole family on board is a bit difficult, try younger siblings. Work on curbing TV watching together. Make it fun for your younger brother or sister. Offer a reward, or draw up a chart together to help both of you keep track of your TV habits. Spend time together and bond instead of watching TV.

4. Encourage your Imam to talk about it in the Khutbah

Talking about the fundamentals of faith and prevailing politics are good topics for Friday Khutbah, but TV, the menace right in your home is also pressing. Convince the Imam that talking about the harms of TV and how to avoid it is a beneficial Khutbah topic.

5. Have a TV free get-together with friends

Make the following rule here: no one will watch TV, movies or anything related to the box in the living room. Also, if you want to really go further, make it a rule that the topics of conversation cannot revolve around the latest twist in a soap opera or the most recent plot on a sci-fi show. Play basketball in your backyard, go for a walk, do ANYTHING HALAL but watch TV.



Google put my recomended links on my profile page without me knowing. Being a devout Christian {Jesus Freak}Pentalgostal}... I thought th article was awesome and very healthy.


not avalible

This question that "how will anyone do without watching tv and its 'attractive' programs,wil change into 'why was I thinking like this all this time?,Once we take the ownership of our precious time. And replace it with positive and consructive activities excercising our own choice of how we spend our time. We got to get rid of this addiction.J.A.



My family of five has not watched TV in four years. They are young enough not to remember a time when we had TV. When we visit family and friends who have the TV on, we are always amazed by what it looks like, especially the commercials. People are amazed that we don't have TV and ask what we do without it. We play, we read, and after the children go to bed, we debate or read. Its a wonderful life without TV and I wish more people would turn it off and THINK FOR THEMSELVES!!!!Thanks for a wonderful article


Santa Rosa, CA

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