Adam’s World: Live! |

Adam’s World: Live!

Adam, of the beloved Adam’s World series, brings his sister Aneesah and their new friends live to you!
Through Adam’s World Adam and Aneesah have delighted Muslim children around the world for years,
teaching them about faith, culture, and life lessons.
For a limited time only, Adam’s World is hitting the road! We bring a complete, professional-grade
performance, complete with lighting and special effects to dazzle your school, mosque or community
center, giving Muslim children the chance to meet one of their favorite teachers about religion and

“Almost every person seeing Adam would smile or chuckle;
some would be awe-struck and take a moment to figure
out how to react; many would whisper to a friend, “Oh my
God! Can’t believe this is Adam!”
— Taha Ghayyur, at ISNA 2014


In this live show, Adam is fighting a bully – a situation all too many children can relate to. How can he
stop the bully without compromising his principles? Adam, Aneesah, and a brand new friend are here to
show your children valuable life lessons in this light-hearted but meaningful production.

Our set is fully self-contained and we are flexible in audience accommodations.

Playing time: 45 minutes
Language: English only

Master puppeteer Tom Vandenberg developed Adam in conjunction with Sound Vision Studios over 20
years ago and has performed all of the Adam’s World episodes. In addition to Adam, he has worked
with the Muppets, HBO, and Solar Stage. Today he runs T.V.Puppetree, a puppetry company co-located
in Toronto and Detroit. He is excited to take this beloved character on the road to connect with his fans
in person.

Bring Live Adams's World