Friend, we only get one shot at this

Assalamu Alaykum

Opportunities like this only come around once in a very long time.

While the Muslim world is almost silent on the largest concentration camp since the Nazi Germany, the US Congress is considering two bills in support of Uighur Muslims: S. 178 in the Senate and H.R. 649 in the House.

We are making real progress: 35 Senators are sponsors of S. 178 and 73 representatives have sponsored H.R. 649. But we need to make a final push to get it across the finish line.

If we are unable to get these two bills passed in the next 20 days the legislation will be sidelined until 2021. 

Right now, about three million Uighur Muslims are in Chinese concentration camps. Uighur children have been taken to orphanages where they are raised as anti-Muslim communists. The Chinese government itself says that they have dispatched 1 million Chinese communist officials as “guests” to Uighur homes.

You can


Here are three action items for today which need to be repeated every other day.

Call Your Congressional Representatives

  1. In your spare time today, maybe on your lunch break, go online at It will directly connect you to your senators and your House representative one by one with zero cost to you. It will also give you talking points on the screen as you are calling.

    a. Once done send them an email and tweet to them directly.
    b. Please check if your senators and your representative have sponsored these bills or not. If they have, thank them and ask them to call for a vote and push for its passage. If they have not, ask them to sponsor and push for its passage.

Join Capitol Hill Advocacy Day: June 19

  1. June 19: Join Uighur and Rohingya Muslims at Capitol Hill in Washington DC for a day of action and advocacy for our brothers and sisters. This is a final push. If we cannot get it done in June, it may not happen.

    a. Click here to register today.

Support this work

And please donate generously for this effort to stop genocide.

Think about the following:

  • Those brothers and sisters are not free, we are.
  • They cannot speak up, we can.
  • They live under a Communist/Fascist regime, we live in a democracy.

So its duty of the free to stand up for those not free. Donate today to stop this Genocide:

Donate Now

Here is What Save Uighur Campaign has Already Done:

  • Since many people do not know what is going on, we have printed a 4-page pamphlet in the quantity of 200,000 to inform and mailed to 2,100 masjids across the USA;
  • Organized a statement signed by 300 Imams in support of Uighur people, which  includes Omar Suleiman, Yasir Qadhi, Imam Maged and others;
  • Organized a national congressional call-in day on Feb 7th and March 7th;
  • Organized leadership meetings in 6 cities to brief and organize the community;
  • Retained a lobbying firm to assist in Uighur cause along with the Rohingya cause;
  • Helped organize the largest rally ever for the Uighur cause on April 6th in Washington D.C.;
  • Organized a protest rally in Grand Rapids, MI in minus 26-degree weather against the visiting Chinese ambassador who defends the concentration camps that China wants to use to make Uighurs into “normal” people;
  • We have hired a part-time staff and looking for another staff member to focus on this issue.

We are on the edge of a major victory for Uighur human rights. Please take the time to act on behalf of our brothers and sisters in need.

Sound Vision Team