Zakat Distribution Issues - 5 guidelines for the Muslim Communities

5 guidelines for the distribution of Zakat funds

Zakat committees are a necessary structure to ensure the good collection and proper distribution of Zakat in Muslim communities.

Here are a few guidelines and an etiquette that Zakat committee members need to keep in mind when giving out Zakat.

1. Make sure there is no lengthy bureaucratic process

The last thing the needy should have to deal with is bureaucratic red tape. The story of a once homeless Muslim named Aisha is a clear example of how unnecessary bureaucracy got in the way of helping a Muslim who was in need.

Make the process as simple as possible and make sure the poor get what they need as soon as possible. Allah will hold you responsible as a Zakat committee member if a Muslim was not provided for because of your or your committee's lack of organization.

2. Prepare for emergencies

There are times when a person may need money immediately. They don't have the time to wait for the Zakat committee to sit down and do Shura (consult) about their case and how much they should be given.

In these cases, the president of the committee or the Imam of the mosque should have authority and power to give money.

3. Remember that the needy are not just those who ask

In fact, the Quran specifically mentions such people, who, out of their modesty, do not ask others for help. Such people cannot be expected to fill out a form at the Masjid if they have no desire to let anyone know about their situation.

Such individuals need to be sought out. It is necessary that the Imam and Zakat committee members keep an eye out for those who may be in need but do not openly ask for help.

4. Put yourself in their shoes

It feels great to give, but not so great to receive. Put yourself in the shoes of those who are seeking your help and treat them with the respect and compassion they deserve. If they are those who don't ask for help, they are especially sensitive to displays of arrogance and condescension, which have no place in Islam.

5. Maintain confidentiality

Make sure that you do not disclose the names of those who have been given Zakat money, not even to your family members or best friends. This is wrong behavior and it is extremely hurtful and embarrassing to those who have received Zakat funds.


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I never knew about the forms I need to fill out at the Masjid to get help. Can you recommend one on the north side of Chicago and the names of the forms?
Thank you!



this is an idea i developed in poor peaple using zakat to fight hunger and poverty. The method is farmers garder their zakat at harvesting time .keep it until the rains begins again then distribute it . A farmer loss 75% of his work time on his farm if he dose not have food at home. Those who Allah has mentioned to deserve zakat are given for free, those who give zakat but they need food are given credit to pay the same amount at harvesting time and those who give zakat and have little money but they need food at the moment buy food from the zakat the price food is sold at harvesting time. The idea is those who deserve the zakat sell or give credit of their shares those who produce zakat. At the end of the day they get back their shares along with more zakat. Am asking is this acceptable in islam? Any one who need more information this can contact me at:

I'would like to suggest you, by now, world commerce was back to midians trading methode ( Syuaib prophet, see Quran Hud 84-95).Adam smith is father of world economical says: to reach more benefit by less of capital same its quran said Hud 84,85 : reduce the measurement. I think zakat is better to solve poor people problem , by empower them to implement muhammad trading methode.



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