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Why weekend Islamic school?

Why weekend Islamic school?

Educating our Children

There are numerous advantages for parents both in this world and in the hereafter, when they provide proper Islamic education to their children.

"A father can give his son nothing better than a good education" (Narrated by Ayyub Ibn Musa and collected in Tirmidhi).

Children's Islamic Education Options for Parents

When a parent wants to formally educate their children about the deen of al-Islam, they usually have three options left.

  • Send them to a Full time Islamic School.
  • Send the children to a weekend Islamic school
  • Educate them at home.

Although full time Muslim schools are coming up everywhere, a majority of Muslim Students still attend public schools. Likewise a good number of Muslim household have both parents working outside the home. Therefore it becomes very difficult for these households to provide enough financial resources to send their children to private full time Muslim Schools or to take out enough time to instruct on their own about Islam to their children. An additional important factor that makes parents send their children to weekend schools is the lack of adequate Islamic knowledge on the part of the parents themselves. Parents who realize these short coming choose the next best option to educate their child on Islam by sending them to the Weekend Islamic schools.

Advantages of sending a child to Weekend school include:

  • They will study subjects like: Quran, Seerah of the Prophet, theology, History of Muslims etc.
  • Islamic environment
  • Qualified teachers
  • Since most of these schools are in the masjid complex itself, they get offer their regular prayers with Jamaat.
  • Reasonable tuition, compared to appointing a private tutor

Many local Masjids have established weekend schools on their premises. Weekend schools vary in their hours, day, tuition, books etc. Contact them for more details.


If I don't go to weekend Islamic school my mom will beat nonsense out of me 



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