Video review: "Adam's World 5: Kindness in Islam" |

Video review: "Adam's World 5: Kindness in Islam"

Ever been bullied in school? Harassed? Bothered? Was the bully as bad as the gigantic one Adam has to deal with in Adam's World 5?

This video teaches children about a Muslim's duty to show kindness, especially as a way out of situations of conflict.

It does this with conversations between Adam and Asad, a segment on kindness towards animals and skits where one character smashes vanilla ice cream into the other's face.

In the beginning, Adam hates the bully and wants to avenge his humiliation at his enemy's hands. Adam shares his concerns, as always, with his best friend Asad.

In a dream sequence Adam faces his avowed enemy in the wrestling ring (wearing a leopard-skinned outfit), only to be viciously clobbered! Instead of getting back at the bully, Adam is thrown around the wrestling ring like a helpless puppet.

But when he wakes up, Adam decides to simply talk to the bully and show him the kindness he and Asad talked about. It works! The bully and Adam make up. Now if only that happened in real life!

Kindness in Islam offers a lot of variety in terms of visuals. Scenes of Malaysian architecture cut to those of animals and insects, and to those of Arabic letters with voices pronouncing them and making sentences. The letter "ta" for instance, is used to coin the work "Tilawah." There is also a segment on the importance of Juma prayer.

This is a must-buy for any adult concerned about a child diagnosed with serious sibling rivalry, frequent bouts of mean-spiritedness and jealousy.

A first time visitor says...:

"It is particularly good to see so much information for children. In Australia the same as America, so many children are missing out on Islam. Either their parents are not that interested or they belong to a community where the mother tongue of their parents is the only language available and being born in Australia they understand the tongue of their parents but not completely enough to understand when a scholar from the home country comes out. So [at] many lectures you find the children outside. I find this very sad. But now Insha Allah with the products you are selling we can start to change this attitude." Z. Taylor, Australia


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