Reviewing Ramadan? Self-evaluation questions for the first 10 days of Ramadan |

Reviewing Ramadan? Self-evaluation questions for the first 10 days of Ramadan

With Ramadan’s first 10 days over, many of us have established a routine and adjusted physically and mentally to the new schedule. Now is the time to ask if our habits and schedule are giving us the spiritual rewards we need to excel in Ramadan. Here are a few questions to ask:

  1. Have I kept all of my fasts? If I missed any, did I note that down somewhere so I can make up for them later?

  2. Have I been offering my five daily prayers? If so, have I improved the quality of my focus and concentration in them? 

  3. Is my behavior keeping up with Ramadan requirements? Am I losing my temper while fasting? Backbiting? Becoming impatient? 

  4. Have I been able to wake up for Suhoor most days? If not, can I sleep earlier or nap a little during the day so I can wake up in time for Suhoor?

  5. Have I prayed any Tahajjud, the prayer in the last third of the night, when I wake up for Suhoor? 

  6. Have I been overeating at Iftar time?

  7. Have I been wasting food? How much have I thrown out since Ramadan began?

  8. Have I given more in charity than usual? Have I given any charity?

  9. Have I kept in touch with family in any way since Ramadan began, especially parents and siblings? 

  10. How much Quran have I read? If I have been reading the Quran, have I tried to understand the meaning? 

  11. Have I been limiting my time on social media? If not, how can I do this (some apps that can help).

  12. Have I volunteered in any way? Remember that there are many opportunities to volunteer online as well. 

  13. Have I offered Taraweeh prayer at all? If not, what can I do to offer even two Rakaat after Isha, before going to bed?

  14. Have I had a virtual Iftar or Suhoor at least once with someone else, especially someone who is currently alone in isolation? 

  15. What ways have I wasted time in Ramadan? What can I do to spend more time doing good, even if it’s just for five minutes?

  16. Have I been reaching my Ramadan goals?

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