Pepper and Pine: An Inspiring Resource for Muslim Educators |

Pepper and Pine: An Inspiring Resource for Muslim Educators

Muslim educators who are looking for ways to encourage a love of Islam while teaching subjects like Geometry, Physics, History, Geography, Art, and more will cherish the resources offered by Pepper and Pine. Created by veteran homeschooler, artist, and public speaker Hana Khatib, Pepper and Pine is a self-proclaimed “treasure trove of inspiration and tutorials for homeschooling.”

Though she would probably not call herself an “influencer,” Khatib undoubtedly has an avid following on social media. A large number of homeschoolers (both Muslim and non-Muslim) follow her for fascinating educational tips, but she also appeals to everyday viewers who appreciate her beautiful home decor, international recipes, arts and crafts, and lifestyle hacks. 

A mother of four from Southern California, Khatib began homeschooling in 2003. She wanted to incorporate Islam in her children’s education but could not find many suitable resources back then. Naturally creative, organized, and passionate about crafting and learning, Khatib started making her own curriculum. For years she shared her lessons only with her children and close friends, but then she decided to branch out, and Pepper and Pine was born.

Almost all of Khatib’s projects feature her original artwork that is vivid, compelling, and Islamically appropriate. On her YouTube channel, viewers can find videos on a wide range of topics: Hajj unit studies, the Silk Road, how to make a hydraulic lift, a graham cracker Ramadan activity, how to knit a hat, and more.

Her website offers various curricula that she has written and illustrated herself. Many of Khatib’s resources are free, and some are available for purchase. I can vouch for the quality of her work. Having read some of her unit studies (which are overviews of a defined topic or theme that incorporate multiple subject areas into the study plan), I found them to be well-written, beautifully illustrated, engaging, and factual.

“I love how homeschooling has provided a creative educational outlet which has, inshaAllah, been a benefit to my children and others,” says Khatib. “Homeschooling has brought me many years of joy through the meaningful work of making and using the curriculum I’ve developed. I pray it has been meaningful and inspiring for others as well.”

It is clear that a profound love of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, permeates Khatib’s work. She finds ways to blend Islam with everyday topics so that students see how our deen affects and enhances every aspect of our life. Furthermore, her lessons bring out children’s (and adults’) creativity. Step-by-step instructions enable even “not-so-crafty folks” to make projects that are beautiful and meaningful.  For Muslim educators – whether homeschoolers or instructors at Islamic schools – Pepper and Pine truly is a “treasure trove.”

Laura El Alam is a freelance writer and editor and the author of the book Made From the Same Dough, as well as over 100 published articles. A wife and mother of five, Laura lives with her family in Massachusetts. You can visit her online at

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