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My exceptional husband

My exceptional husband

Since today is Father's Day, I'm inspired to write a tribute to my husband. I am not an especially exceptional wife to deserve such an exceptional husband but, Alhamdu lillah (all Praise is due to Allah) Allah has blessed me with one.

Maash Allah. My husband fears Allah and always has Him on his mind. His lips began moving before we leave the house to go anywhere praying different Duas (supplications) until after he's started driving the car. He fasts the whole month of Ramadan (working 14 hours a day) and rushes to take off work in time to hear Khutba (the sermon) before praying Juma Namaz (Friday prayer).

Maash Allah. My husband is a faithful and noble man. When he leaves work, he comes straight home. I don't have to wonder where he is when he's not at home. I'm able to reach him wherever he is. His nobility shows as he does not participate in the cruel taunting of others even when his friends coax him into doing so.

Maash Allah. My husband is diplomatic. Whenever there is a disagreement between two people he cares about (no matter who the people are), he takes the side of the person who he feels has a valid point and explains to the other why he feels they are a bit fallacious in their judgment.

Maash Allah. My husband is loving. He comes home from working a 14-hour shift, standing on his feet and stocking groceries, and enters the house as if it were a brand new day; playing with our children, recounting all of the day's events, joking and smiling.

Maash Allah. My husband is a humble man and doesn't demand respect but, people automatically give it to him. I have witnessed his elders address him in a respectful manner just because he is so fair and respectful with them.

Maash Allah. My husband is a gentle man. When he expresses his disapproval in any situation (whether the person is one of his children, an employee, or his mother), he speaks in a low tone. Sometimes, he follows his lecture with reassurance that everyone makes mistakes and relates to a similar mistake he once made.

Maash Allah. My husband is a strong man.? Although he is very gentle in his manner, he manages to maintain his masculinity and leadership in our home as well as at his job.

Maash Allah. My husband is a good provider. He works 14 hours every day to support our family and his mother and siblings overseas.? He doesn't deny anything we desire.

Maash Allah. My husband's heart bleeds for all suffering beings. He helps humans as well as animals, Muslims as well as Christians, his friends as well as his enemies. He works in a convenience store. Sometimes lower income customers bring their children to buy a $3.00 pack of cigarettes but, when the children ask for a 25c bag of chips, the parents curse them. So, whatever the children want, he allows them to take and pays from his own pocket. He feeds every animal he comes in contact with. He feeds the birds around our house, in the shopping mall parking lot, cats in our neighborhood, etc. What's really amazing is, I haven't seen an animal in six years respond aggressively towards him. All these qualities make me love my husband more and more everyday and is one of the reasons why our husband wife relationship is so good.

His friends are his friends for life. He helps with finance (if he has it) and moral support. I have seen him help a couple of people knowing they've wronged him and knowing they don't like him. He'll do it just to sacrifice for someone he cares about. He pays Sadaqa (charity) overseas monthly and every Juma (Friday). When his father became ill suffering from diabetes, he was his companion and aided him in whatever way he could until he passed away.

I literally cry when I read about the tribulations my fellow Muslim sisters are experiencing on the Sound Vision chat boards. I have read about them in magazines and seen different accounts on television. It breaks my heart to hear of the atrocities these sisters are suffering. And I pray they all are blessed as I am. I am not an especially exceptional wife to deserve such an exceptional husband but, Alhumdu lillah Allah has blessed me with one. Every woman deserves such an exceptional husband.


He is a good husband and I have always admired what God has gifted you with



You are indeed a very blessed woman. I pray that our daughters find husbands with such qualities.



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