Dedicate this weekend for America |

Dedicate this weekend for America

Charlotte EpiCentre during the 2012 Democratic National Convention

This coming Tuesday, November 6, 2006, the United States will be holding its midterm elections across the country. The stakes are high on all sides. Our nation remains at war, while hatred for America is still very high around the world. As we pump more money into our wars, we owe half a trillion dollars to the world's next superpower, China, and locally, almost half of Americans cannot afford healthcare. This is why it is critical that we make the right choices on election night.

We all have our families, jobs and other concerns that take up our time. But this weekend, in the interest of America and the future of this great country, I ask you to dedicate these two precious days, just 48 hours, to encourage your circle of control, that is your family, friends and community, to vote in Tuesday's elections. Here are a few easy things you can do that can make a difference:

1. Make 10 phone calls...or 30

Take out your address book, rolodex or log in to your email and get out that contacts list. Spend a few hours calling your family, far-flung relatives and friends about Tuesday's elections. Ask them if they were planning to vote, if not why. If so, who are they voting for. Try to convince those not willing to participate to do so, stressing how easy it is to find a place to vote, as well as how it does not interfere with work (you can do it on the way home) or family obligations.

2. Email and forward

If you're not the talkative type or you really can't spend the few hours making calls, draft a short email you can send to everyone in your contacts list, encouraging them to vote. Use the same points you would if you were talking to them in person, stressing how necessary and easy it is to vote. Offer endorsements if you want to and explain your choices. Perhaps you can include a political joke to lighten up the issue.

3. Party, party, party

If weekends are a time you hang out with family and friends, use the opportunity to hold a pre-election party. Get your friends together to discuss the issue or make phone calls to others encouraging people to come out and vote on Tuesday. End the party with a Dua that the best candidates for all Americans and citizens of the world are selected.

4. Research, research, research

If weekends for you aren't about being social but more about some much needed alone time, spend a few hours hold up in your room researching candidates and their positions so you have a better idea about how to and who to vote for.

5. What is your mosque doing?

Weekends are when many Muslims attend the mosque, being too busy during the rest of the week. If that's the case, find out what your Masjid is doing about encouraging Muslims to vote. This includes canvassing door to door to encourage neighbors to vote, offering transportation to those who cannot go to vote by themselves, etc.

6. Make Dua

On weekends, when our prayers tend to be less rushed, use the opportunity to make plenty of Dua for the future of this country and the world. Pray for those suffering from torture, political disempowerment, and more. Pray that our nation becomes one that is loved for its justice and fairness around the world, instead of being the most hated country on the planet. Pray that God guide our leaders to what is good and right in all situations.


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