Deciding on silence |

Deciding on silence

Deciding on silence





??????????????? They are my elders

??????????????? They are my relatives

Everyday a personal struggle for the sake of Allah

The struggles in America easier than expected


But here

??????????????? So much harder

An Islamic country

My family pokes fun

Inquisitive remarks

??????????????? I can respond to

But making fun of me. . .

To my face. . .

In a different language. . .

Where do they have that right?


They don't realize how it hurts me

How it shreds my hope

I love these people

I see them rarely

They see a scarf



Don't make me leave with bitter feelings

All but one aunt, a grandma, and a cousin-

??????????????? Have criticized

??????????????? Or asked me to remove it

Apparently it's not the latest fashion.


Why don't they understand

Me wearing a scarf

Tells more about me

Than they would ever think to ask

Besides it makes more sense then-

??????????????? A chiffon dupputta

??????????????? Or half on chader

??????????????? Or even only covering during the azan. . .

Doesn't it?


But they are my elders

So I allow them to talk

I say nothing

They see no impact

I remain an outward pillar

This is more important than appearance

I pray I have the strength to continue

I know I do

I won't yield

My heart won't allow it

My mind is simply disappointed.



This sister has put into words the struggle we feel whilst wearing hijaab in front of fellow Muslims. The feelings of sheer frustration and disappointment we feel when ridiculed and critised for a very simple and basic act were wonderfully highlighted in her words from the heart




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