Comments to Sound Vision in the wake of the September 11 bombing

Since September 11, Sound Vision has received numerous e-mails from Muslims and non-Muslims about the event, especially in response to the updates we sent out in response to the horrible tragedy.

While reactions were both good and bad, for every negative e-mail we received, there were at least five positive or supportive ones. Below is a sampling of these e-mails.

"Jazak Allah Khairan for your comments regarding us sisters in Hijab and for your Duah for us. I have been waiting and waiting to hear these words from our brothers in Islam, rather than pathetically canceling Halaqas, insisting only men attend, canceling Islamic classes for youth, suggesting it might be better to not go out with Hijab or suggesting that we are purposely making ourselves targets if we go out and we will be 'protected' if we stay in our houses."


"I am a Christian and not Muslim, but I've had many Muslim friends and I have love for them. I am sorry that many of you are badly affected in this way by the attack on America. I know it is wrong to blame all the people for the actions of some"


"Brothers and Sisters, since I am an American sister who converted to Islam, I do not feel that animosity that one would feel if they were from another country.. here are a few things that I have done to show my support/sorry for what has happened (included fasting, arranged to send boxes of T-shirts, socks toothbrushes and toothpaste and work gloves, hung flags on home and car, participated in candle light vigils, joined American Red Cross as a volunteer and prayed for those who lost their lives)."


"When we hide from our fears it confirms in others minds that we must be responsible. If I as a Muslim thought that can you imagine what the non-Muslims are thinking? I wanted you to know that your emails are not going out in vain. My husband took from your email and added to it and created a letter that he is using to address the people at work. I have forwarded his letter to my PTA president at our local school and have read this letter to my Council PTA president. She will be reading this letter at our board meeting today. ...People are beginning to realize that we too are Americans and we are just as appalled and are being very supportive. I myself have not experienced any harassment."


"Yesterday my sister and I were on the way to the doctor's and three African-Americans seated on the bus were mean to us and we are of the same national background. One lady was an older African-American and the other two were seated teenagers in the back of the bus. The teens gave us hard looks and snickers and the older lady rolled her eyes. I began to comment on how unfortunate it was that people who remember the 1960s and 1933 can be so cruel and bigoted after knowing what it is like to suffer through such things. At this point all three of them lowered their eyes. I think they were embarrassed or ashamed."


"Today some Muslim women decided to wear the full Islamic dress and go shopping and have a dinner together in a restaurant. Nothing happened at all, they were treated with full respect in the mall. Even more, while eating, an American man stood up, came to the table and smiled saying: I thank you for wearing your traditional dress in front of everybody. I was there with them. He (the American man) even shook my hand. I hope to see more of this kind of Muslim, for whom their faith brought them others' respect even in this critical time."


"From a Jewish American in California, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year! May the Lord help all of us find the necessary strength to survive these difficult times and may we pray that ht erest of our neighbors work towards a greater understanding and respect of the diversity that lives within this country and throughout the planet. I am horrified by the recent attacks on New York city (where I was born and grew up) and equally horrified by the government's response to call for war and the slandering of the Islamic faith which seems to be leading to random acts of violence against Americans who are followers of Islam. Islam, like Judaism and all the world's great faiths preaches love.

Shalom Aleichem!"


"Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings and peace to you. I am an American citizen living in Australia and I am of course so upset by the events in America a day ago, but I am also appalled by some American's and others' expressions of hatred towards followrs of Islam. It is so wrong, so uncalled for. You are NOT to blame. Please konw there are American Anglo-Saxon Christians like myself who do not hate Muslims and who thnk that hte sort of racism and hatred being thrown your way are entire inexcusable. Peace to you all. Please spread the word."


"I was reading your website about how Muslims should fast on Thursday. As a journalism major, I must say you couldn't have wrote it more beautifully. I was extremely moved."


"I really feel horrible about how Muslims in the US have been treated after this terrorist attack. It 's so sad that hte US still has such hate in it. Though I am not Muslim myself, I will proudly join you in prayer and fasting tomorrow."



"FEMA - 5332 - Photograph by Andrea Booher taken on 09-17-2001 in New York" by Andrea Booher - This image is from the FEMA Photo Library.. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons -


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