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6 ideas for spring break

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College students partying wildly on sandy beaches may be the popular mental picture of spring break, but the week off can be combined with faith-building fun for Muslim youth as well. Here are some ideas.

1. Look for a Muslim-themed camp/program

Muslim Students’ Associations, as well as youth groups often organize camps and projects that coincide with school holidays. For example, one MSA organized an alternative spring break project this year that engaged students by helping the elderly.  Your local student group or Muslim youth group may have similar programs. Look into them for a more enriching week off.

2. Muslim film marathon

Pool your resources and dig out classics like Adam’s World for the younger set, The Message and Lion of the Desert  for the older, and order some new ones like Mooz-lum , and Fordson. Then host a one-day film marathon at your place or better yet, open it up to the public and hold it at a community center.

3. Take a road trip to the country's only Muslim Museum

Jacksonville, Mississippi is home to America's only Muslim museum. The International Museum of Muslim Cultures is an excellent way to learn about and teach your family hands-on examples of the Islamic history you read about in books.

4. Visit Six Flags or the amusement park of your choice

Few things can help you decompress as easily as a heart-stopping ride on a roller coaster or a good old session of bumper cars. Spend a day with friends at your favorite amusement park. Don’t forget to take breaks for prayer.

5. Make Umra or visit a Muslim country you’ve never gone to before

If finances permit, make Umra or visit a place that offers a taste of Islamic history, architecture, and ambience. If you have relatives abroad, you can reconnect with them while you take guided tours of your destination of choice.

6. Participate in an interfaith project for the good

In 2007, a group of Muslim and Jewish students in New York participated in an alternative spring break project, rebuilding houses in New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina. Try to organize a similar initiative with other student groups in your city.

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