Sound Vision's Speakers Bureau

Need someone to give a workshop or a lecture on media, civic engagement, human rights, Islamophobia, education, family or youth? 

Looking for someone to speak at your next community event?

Consider inviting one of the members of Sound Vision's Speakers Bureau which includes the following team members of Sound Vision:

  • Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid (President, Sound Vision, and an award winning author, a scholar, and a Chicago Imam)
  • Samana Siddiqui (Content Manager, Sound Vision website and journalist in Chicago)
  • Taha Ghayyur (Vice President, Sound Vision, and a writer, a public speaker, and a khateeb in Toronto)
  • Hena Zuberi (Director, Justice for All, DC Office, and a writer and journalist)
  • Zahir Adil (Director, Justice for All,  New England)
  • Adem Carrol (Director, Justice for All, New York and a Justice for All representative at United Nations Department of Public Information)
  • Dr. Farah Islam (Adam's World Scriptwriter, a mental health advocate, educator, and a university professor in Toronto)

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