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Hajj Central


Thursday • July 30 • 7 PM Eastern, 6 Central 
Standing at Arafah is a pillar of Hajj. This is where the Prophet delivered his last sermon. Peace be upon him.

Program: Live takbirat, zikr, & dua • Presentation of the last sermon of the prophet delivered at Arafah 1431 years ago • Living as a Muslim • 6 tips by Allah for success • Spoken words • Muslim Network TV • Committing ourselves • dua.

Presenters: Boonaa Muhammad, Mariam Ahmed, Miriam Tisdale, Dr. khwaila Falaneh, Hajr Avant, Taha Ghayyur, Imam Ousmane Drami, Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid.


Friday • July 31 • 10 AM Eastern, 9 Central  

Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid in English

Imam Ainiwan Aisikaer in Uyghur language at 11 AM Eastern, 12 PM Central

Please offer Eid Salat at home before your join us for Eid Khutba if you are unable to visit public Eid location. Here is how you pray Eid.


Sat • Aug. 1 • 11 AM Eastern, 10 Central  

Comedy • Songs • Children’s Program

Performers: Omar Regan • Boonaa Muhammad • Inas Abusheikha • Sarai Ruth Abdul Malik • Siedd 

The process of Hajj entails sacrifice of time, sacrifice of money, sacrifice of comfort, sacrifice of several worldly relations and sacrifice of many corporeal desires and pleasures. And all this simply for the sake of Allah, with no selfish end. Let's make sure we do this journey of a lifetime the way it should be done. Here are some great resources by experts on making the most of your Hajj!

FREE E-Book: A Handbook of Umra & Hajj

FREE E-Book: Diary of a Haji - 21 Days for the Holy Lands of Makkah and Madinah



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