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How to Finally Quit Porn Addiction

While the existence of pornography is not new, the explosion of pornography and the challenging individual and societal repercussions of it are. That is due to what has been referred to as the addictive cycle of pornography. This phenomenon is heavily dependent upon four factors:  

  • accessibility - There once was a time when pornography was difficult to find. In contrast, today, pornographic material is available 24/7 on a wide variety of media platforms.
  • affordability - While there once was cost associated with it quite literally, pornography is freely accessible.
  • aggressive marketing - Porn is a multi-trillion dollar industry that engages in aggressive marketing tactics; and those tactics perpetuate the cycle of addiction.
  • anonymous - Use of pornography is conducted in private and anonymously.  

It is important to understand the physiology of brain chemicals, the release of dopamine, and the triggers that lead to addiction. It is also important to realize that, as a porn addict, you are not morally sick. You have an addiction that is grounded in human weakness and that it has a physical, psychological, and spiritual dimension. 

In recognizing the addiction, you must intellectually acknowledge the struggle that is taking place internally. On the one hand, you know that indulging in pornography is wrong and contrary to Islamic guidance, which advises for both men and women is to lower the gaze and guard one’s modesty. On the other hand, the action actually brings pleasure and that pleasure perpetuates the addictive behavior.  

The following ten tips to recovery were outlined in a lecture called How to Finally Quit Porn Addiction by Ustadh Wael Ibrahim.

1. Seek Allah’s help  

This is always the believer’s first step.  We must always have hope that Allah is the All-Forgiving and Most Merciful, and that Dua is the most important weapon of the believer.  

2. Confide in someone about the problem.

It is important to tell someone you trust about the problem. That could be a trusted friend, spouse, Imam or therapist. 

 3. Eliminate all pornographic images from your computer, TV or phone.  

Remember the images don’t have to be hard core porn to produce triggers that can be problematic. Even seductive images can lead you in the wrong direction. Replace those images with encouraging messages and reminders. 

 4. Set small goals that are achievable.

Take small steps to stay porn-free for a day or week. With that success, set another small goal, and so on. 

 5. Do not punish yourself.  

Expect that stopping this addiction will be difficult and you might relapse. Shaytan will work extra hard to encourage the wrongdoing. Understand the scientific aspects of addiction and avoid beating yourself up if you fail. 

 6. Develop new habits.

Examine what times of the day or what types of activities trigger the desire to view pornography and make changes and adjustments. For example, if late night viewing while parents or a spouse are asleep is the problem, be sure to go to bed early. This will take a concerted effort. It is suggested that it takes about 40 days of doing something the same way to create a new habit.  

 7. Be honest in seeking the cure.

Don’t lie to yourself or others. This will create further internal strife and humiliation.

8. Don’t be fooled by false quitting.

False quitting is allowing yourself to engage in porn by saying it will be the last time. This is a trick of Shaytan to make excuses and move you away from recovery.

 9. Remind yourself of the negative consequences. 

Most pornography is viewed when a person is alone. But we are never really alone. Allah is always watching and His angels are recording our every deed, good and bad. And each and every one of those deeds will be accounted for on the Day of Judgement. There can also be physical consequences such as erectile dysfunction that result in engaging in masturbation over a protracted period of time. These reminders are not meant to create a sense of hopelessness, but to create an awareness and level of accountability that nurtures behavior change.

10. Learn about the tactics and reach of the porn industry.

While you may think you are not “paying” for the indulgence, the porn industry makes trillions of dollars in advertising revenue. And those same folks that bring you porn engage in activities that perpetuate Islamophobia, violence against women, and other sinful sexual behaviors.

Keep these 10 tips in mind, keep working at it, and don’t give up hope. May Allah assist you in bringing about a change in your life.  Ameen.


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