zabiha halal meat or non zabiha: 3 scholarly opinions

zabiha halal meat or non zabiha: 3 scholarly opinions

Amongst North American Muslims, there are two predominant views about zabiha halal meat. Below, we have provided explanations from scholars representing each view.

The late scholars Syed Abul A'la Maududi and Al Phahim Jobe both argue that the meat must be slaughtered in accordance with Islamic guidelines.

Scholar Yusuf Al-Qaradawi argues that the meat of the Jews and Christians (called the ‘People of the Book') is acceptable for Muslims to eat.


1. Opinion of Syed Abul A'la Maududi

(On a discussion about Quran 5:5): “The food of the People of the Book includes the animals slaughtered by them. The rule that ‘our food is lawful to them and theirs lawful to us' signifies that there need be no barriers between us and the People of the Book regarding food.

We may eat with them and they with us. But this general proclamation of permission is preceded by a reiteration of the statement: ‘All good things have been made lawful to you.' This indicates that if the People of the Book either do not observe those principles of cleanliness and purity which are considered obligatory by the Law or if their food includes prohibited items, then one should abstain from eating them.

If, for instance, they either slaughter an animal without pronouncing the name of God or if they slaughter it in the name of anyone else but God it is not lawful for us to eat that animal.

Likewise, if intoxicating drinks, the flesh of swine, and any other prohibited thing is found on their dining table we may not justify our partaking of such items on the ground that the persons concerned are People of the Book.

The same applies to those non-Muslims who are not People of the Book, except for one difference-that whereas the animals slaughtered by the People of the Book are lawful provided they have pronounced the name of God at the time of slaughtering them, we are not permitted to eat the animals killed by non-Muslims who are not People of the Book.”

(Towards Understanding the Quran by Sayyid Abul A'la Mawdudi, Volume 2, Tafseer of Surah Al-Maidah, verse number 5)

2. Opinion of Shaikh Al Phahim Jobe

In response to the question, “is it permitted to eat the supermarket meat? Some people say America is a Christian country, and eating the food of the People of the Book is allowed,” Shaikh Al Phahim answered:

“Supermarket meat is not Halal. For the Halal animals meat to be Halal, it has to meet the requirements of slaughter in the Islamic way. This includes invoking Allah's name before slaughtering it, so that we may remember that all forms of life are sanctified, and we are killing the animal because Allah has given us the right to do so to satisfy our hunger.

Another requirement is that it is slaughtered in a way that most of its blood is drained away.

These principles are derived from the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him): “Forbidden unto you (for food) are carrion, blood, the flesh of swine, on which has been invoked the name of others than Allah, the strangled, and the dead through beating, and the dead through falling from a height, and that which has been killed by (the goring of) horns, and the devoured of wild beasts, saving that which you make lawful (by slaughtering)...” (Quran 5:3).

“Eat not (of meats) on which Allah's name has not been pronounced...” (Quran 6:121).

Ibn Abbas narrates that the Prophet forbade the cutting of the spinal cord of the animal when it is slaughtered (Tabarani).

The second part of the question dealing with the People of the Book also has its answer in the Quran: “this day (all) good things (Tayyabat) are made lawful to you. The food of the people of the Book is lawful for you, and your food is lawful to them.” (Quran 5:5).

It is clear that the food of the Book has to be from among the “Tayyabat”, that means the meat has to meet the Islamic requirements of slaughter as explained in the beginning of my answer.

There are some scholars who are of the view that the supermarket meats are Halal, but their arguments are weak and even they say that the Muslims should try to establish the Islamic way of slaughtering of animals (Zabiha halal meat).

I also differ with the statement that America is a Christian country, it is a secular and capitalists nation.”

A side note about "Halal" meat in non-Muslim countries

During a 1997 Islamic Fiqh Academy Meeting, the issue of Zabiha halal meat was also brought up.

This is a summary of the discussion.

“The third important topic of discussion was the new methods of slaughtering animals. The meeting discussed which of these new methods are in accordance with Shariah and which are not.

In many Muslim countries, especially in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries, meat imported from non-Muslim countries is widely used. The Academy was told by its researchers, based on their personal experience, that the Halal label put on such imported meat is not reliable. The producers exporting this meat from non-Muslim countries to the Muslim countries do not take care to meet the requirements of the Shariah.

Therefore the Academy appealed to the Muslim businessmen that before importing such meat, they should ensure that the slaughter is certified to be performed in accordance with the Shariah, the certification being given by observing Muslims who are knowledgeable about Shariah requirements regarding animal slaughter. The Academy also appealed to the Muslim governments that they should use their embassies in the exporting countries to keep the exporters from using the Halal label without proper Halal certification by reliable Muslim agencies.”

(Source: Al-Balagh website)


3. Opinion of Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

“Since Allah did not prohibit it, the food of the Jews and the Christians is permitted to you on the basis of the original permissibility of things, and likewise you can share your food with them. Accordingly, you can eat the flesh of the animals they have slaughtered or hunted, and they can eat what you have slaughtered or hunted.”

(The Lawful and The Prohibited in Islam by Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, page 59).

“The application of the phrase, [part of the verse of the Quran, 5:5] ‘the food of those who were given the Scripture,' is general and includes their meats, produce, and other foods. All of these are halal for us excepting what is haram in itself, e.g., the flesh of a dead animal, pork, and flowing blood, as these are haram regardless of whether they are obtained from a Christian, a Jew or a Muslim. “

(The Lawful and The Prohibited in Islam by Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, page 60)

“If one does not hear from a Christian or a Jew that a name other than Allah's such as that of Jesus or a saint, was mentioned at the time of slaughter, the meat he offers is halal. If, however, he says that a name other than Allah's has been mentioned, it is haram, according to the opinion of some jurists who argue that it falls under the heading of what has been dedicated to other than Allah. Some others hold the opinion that the food of the People of the Book has been permitted to us by Allah, Who is aware of what they say when slaughtering an animal.”

(The Lawful and The Prohibited in Islam by Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, page 60)

“...we know that imported meats, such as chicken and canned beef, originating with the People of the Book are halal for us, even though the animal may have been killed by means of electric shock or the like. As long as they consider it lawful in their religion, it is halal for us. This is the application of the above verse from Surah al-Maidah.” (Sheikh Qaradawi is referring to Quran 5:5)

(The Lawful and The Prohibited in Islam by Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, page 62)

It should be noted that at a conference of the Muslim Arab Youth Association (MAYA) in the U.S. a few years ago, where Sheikh Qaradawi is a regular speaker, he became exasperated upon being asked this question. He has encouraged, in the North American context, where Muslim businesses are present, that Muslims buy from these stores as opposed to purchasing from the supermarket.


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What does Shaykh Qardawi say about this?5:4 Forbidden to you (for food) are: dead meat blood the flesh of swine and that on which has been invoked the name of other than Allah that which has been killed by strangling ***or by a violent blow*** or by a headlong fall or by being gored to death; that which has been (partly) eaten by a wild animal; unless you are able to slaughter it (in due form); that which is sacrificed on stone (altars); (forbidden) also is the division (of meat) by raffling with arrows: that is impiety.


Los Angeles

And as Muhammad (SAW) counseled,“The halal is clear, and the haram is clear, but between the two are matters which are doubtful to many people. Therefore, whoever avoids these doubtful matters clears himself with regard to his religion and his honor, but he who falls into doubtful matters falls into the haram. [He is like] a shepherd grazing his sheep at the edge of a sanctuary, about to cross over the boundary. Truly, every king has a sanctuary, and truly Allah’s sanctuary is His Prohibitions.” sahih bukhari,So it is better to avoid if possible, one will not die if one doesn't eat non hallal supermarket meat. you can eat fish. Rest is between one and His creator.



May Allah bless the providers and Scholars for their services and knowledge.


from China

Unfortunately the article suffices to underscore the ideal and absolute, but gives no indication as to what people in my position are to do. My position is not unique, I live in a rural area and there are NO Muslim businesses in the surrounding area. I would literally have to drive 2-3 hours to get to the closest halal butcher.As others have mentioned it is also very expensive. I can go to the local grocer and get a steak for a tenth of the price as I would from a halal butcher! When so many Muslims are living in poor communities (as the underpriviladged in America are drawn in easier to the message of submission to the will of Allah than those who are wealthy) and, like myself, are trying to pick out a living on less than $20,000 a year it is rediculous to command us to spend such insane prices on meat that (as others have mentioned) is of low quality.Is it halal to charge so much for something that is required by our faith?I think that is the burning question here.


mountains of North Carolina

Assalaamu Alaikum, We are always discussing the issue of slaughtering but rarely the issue of feed is discussed. If the chicken is fed all kinds of meat and quite possibly swine then what diference does it make how it is slaughtered.



The fatwa's by three scholars are different. We can pick and choose. Allah is most merciful and forgiving. I am concerned about the statement made by one person that muslims are not going to be poor by buying meet from muslim businesses. I always wonder about the muslim businesses selling below grade meat at two to three times the super market price. This is a highway robbery. What about these businesses who are abusing their own community.To solve this problem, I go to the farm 50-60 miles from my suburban home ans slaughter an animal every few months. In resturants, I eat sea food. I believe, muslims should do what I do and teach the muslim business owners a lesson.



Assalamualaikum. I really agree with the first two scholars. and I hope in future they will give us more informtion that will help the whole muslim nation. I really appreciate and offcourse, we should always careful about what we are eating.zazakallah.



Many thanks for the efforts, the Hallal food is getting more concern among us, some people now think that the good muslim would eat hallal and the bad ones would eat anything else, I know that I'm being a bit open here, bu I would always recommend flexibility with islam teachings, I think that if Prophet Mohammed came for the cause of growing beard and covering the face of women and applying Hallal terminology then no one from Quraish people would ever fought him, Islam is a broader look, for the Hallal food I would like to remind you somethings:the "shariah way" of slaughtering a camel wouldn't be the normal way of slaughtering done to other type of animals "thabeh" it is done by just stabbing the camel below his neck, and this is what is done by Arabs even after Islam and no one took note of this "none Halal way".Also lets nit forget about that even Sumerians in Babylon used to slaughter with the name of god brought during the process.finally I wish that those Ulama which issue a fatwa think in more realistic way about the real Muslim problems in the west.Wassalam.



After reading this article, there should be no doubt for anyone to have Tayyab (Clean) food on their table. In Islam most of the things are prohibited even in its miner form. For example take Alcohol (Beer or Whiskey) both are Haram. Because gradually person gets into worst form of bad habits. If today one is drinking beer or eating market meat tomorrow he/she won't feel bad of drinking whiskey or eating on the same table where the swine is served. For a muslim Islam is Islam their is no difference in the basic rules whether you are in Dar-ul-Islam or Dar-ul-Harab. Remember, our actions give Dawaa to non-muslims. So why not teach them the right thing instead of getting into the bad habit yourself in the context of bringing them (non-muslims) to Islam. Walah o Alam bissawaab. - Azhar



As-salaamu-alaikum , I agree with the first two Scholars on the Zabiha Meats. and i would add on that i would only buy Glatt kosher meat , because it is the stricter than the regular kosher meat. Now there is Organic glatt kosher meats being sold in Healthfood stores i would love to see muslim store owners become more educated about Zabiha before embarking on the business, this is a good article i will pass this information around. ma salaamsashura mahdiyyah


NEW York City


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