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What Masjids can do in Elections

What a masjid can do in elections

  • conduct non-partisan voter registration
  • organize get-out-the vote efforts
  • give khutbas on importance of voting in elections, running for an office, joining political parties and being active in politics
  • educate Muslims, public and the candidates by inviting candidates through khutba, newsletters and meetings about issues important to Muslims, like civil rights, torture, etc
  • allow candidates to have their programs in masjids as long as you are willing to allow all parties to participate
  • rent mailing lists and other facilities at fair market value as long as you are willing to sell to all parties
  • Imams, presidents and other leaders of our masajid, community centers and other Islamic organizations may endorse a candidate, join a political party or run for public office; however, they are prohibited from using masjid resources, including, for example, making an endorsement during khutba or other masjid function. Imams, presidents and leaders may, however, are allowed to reference their respective titles for indentification purposes.

What a masjid can not do

  • formally endorse a candidate through using masjid resources
  • make campaign contributions from masjid finances
  • make expenditures on behalf of candidates
  • restrict their lists to certain candidates
  • increase the volume or amount of candidate criticism at election time


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