Video review: "Adam's World 2: Happy To Be A Muslim"

There are a lot of reasons to love Islam and being Muslim. After Adam meets Morris Muckster, you'll realize being clean is one of them.

The Adam's World video Happy To Be Muslim talks about different reasons Muslims should be proud of their Deen (way of life).

Morris Muckster is so dirty, he hasn't taken a bath in 27 years! If the bags under his eyes (they look more like large sacks), his unwashed hair and stained teeth don't gross you out, his apartment will. When Adam the Wonder Journalist meets him at his home, he eventually figures out where all the smoke is coming from and discovers one of Morris's pets is a rat who enjoys the environment.

But there are other lessons to be learned about being Muslim. Adam discovers for instance, that power in Islam entails responsibility, after he dreams about being a great king, decked in a luxurious turban and robe and lots of riches. While he initially enjoys these and the other perks of power, he begins to see things differently after his subjects start coming to him with their problems!

Don't watch this video in Ramadan though: the close-up shots of Turkish food presented to Adam by Br. Khalil and some young friends will make your mouth water. It's so good, Adam eats 65 Turkish kebabs!

Turkey is also the destination of choice for Adam with the transvisualizer, where we see the country's mosques, Muslims and beautiful art and architecture.

The importance of patience and controlling your temper are also discussed when one of the characters waits eagerly for service at a restaurant and doesn't get it.

Adam also learns the rewards of patience after messing up an interview with Muslim basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. While feeling remorse though, Adam receives a surprise present from the star, which makes him realize being patient does pay off in the end.

Happy to be a Muslim is a great way to teach kids (and adults) about patience, controlling tempers, a little about Turkey, and of course cleanliness.

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