The Muslim bloc vote: It's time for compromise

Almost all the Muslim organizations have unitedly spoken by endorsing George W. Bush for the next president of the United States. Now it's time for each and every one of us individual Muslims to compromise.

In other words, this is a call for unity and sacrifice of opinion in a situation where Muslims have no Khalifah, no hierarchical authority, but many different opinions.

Why Muslims need to support the united endorsement

The American Muslim Political Coordinating Council Political Action Committee (AMPCC) which represents a large cross section of America's more than six million Muslims, has endorsed George W. Bush for president.

The endorsement of Bush is neither about Bush nor about the policies of the Republican party. It's about empowering Muslims by learning to vote in a bloc in favor of a candidate who has given more access to Muslims than those of other parties.

Bush is not an angel and his position is not very different from Gore's on a number of issues. Gore and Nader's criticisms of him do have merit. However, if you are a Muslim voter, consider:

  1. Muslim empowerment in America.
  2. That empowerment is possible when Muslims do vote as a bloc for one candidate.
  3. A large number of Muslim organizations have stuck their neck out already for Bush not because of his merit but because of the possible empowerment of the Muslim community.

This is why it's time to stop the debate and consider the interests of the Muslim community, instead of our own personal candidate or party preferences.

Compromise is not a dirty word

It is time for sacrifice, and we must remember that compromise is not a dirty word. It is a noble word.

It is noble when individuals and communities compromise and sacrifice their opinion for the sake of a higher cause. It is likely that the sacrifice of our opinion will be rewarded not only by success of our empowerment but also by the Creator because we did it for the interest of the Muslims, not for some personal benefit.

You don't have to change your opinions, but you can act in support of unity and empowerment.

If you are against voting....

Since almost all Muslims organizations have adopted a stance, you can maintain your opinion but don't insist on it until after this election. Consider this your sacrifice for the cause of Muslim empowerment.

If you are pro-Gore or pro-Nader then adopt this position

Historically, you may be Democratic or you probably like the more inclusive and liberal program of the Gore-Lieberman ticket in this election and you will certainly have difficulty voting for a Texan (George W. Bush).

But tell yourself you are voting for Muslim unity, not for a party which probably has the largest number of racists and religious bigots.

If you are the young at heart who wants to see America Green (as in Ralph Nader's Green Party) convinced of Nader's consumer advocacy, you can maintain your opinion and work the next four years for Nader and convince the Muslim community to give its vote for Nader.

But now, because the community has decided to vote for Bush you can compromise by voting for Muslim empowerment this time.

It's not the program or the policies - it's about Muslim empowerment

Remember that you are not compromise voting for the policies or issues involved. You are not even voting for the character of the individual. You are doing it for the empowerment of the Muslim community.

At this moment, Muslim opinion does not count in America anywhere.

But if the Muslim community empowers itself by delivering the crucial winning votes for Bush, it will begin the process of empowerment. We will be listened to and our opinion on issues and policies will matter, whether that is on the agenda of the Democratic Party or the Republican one.

Go for it, compromise vote this election. Insha Allah (if God wills), you won't regret it.



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