17 Things To Do In The First 10 Days of Ramadan 2021

17 Things To Do In The First 10 Days of Ramadan

A strong start in anything we do gives us the determination and confidence we need to stay the course and achieve what we have set out to do. In the case of Ramadan 2021, that means starting and finishing the month closer and more conscious of Allah. Here are some things to check off your to do list in the first 10 days.

1. Make this sincere and focused Dua.

For five minutes turn off your phone, get away from the laptop/computer, and other interruptions. Then, make a deep, sincere Dua to Allah that He make this the best Ramadan of your life, especially in terms of spiritual benefit. ____

2. Settle into the schedule.

Start getting used to the new schedule by going to sleep early, right after Isha and Taraweeh, so you can get up in time for Suhoor. ___

3. Have a smarter Suhoor.

Set the Suhoor table before bed and have a list on the fridge of what you’re going to serve so you can move a little faster in your sleepy state. __

4. Organize meals fairly.

Start implementing a Ramadan meal plan so that the Lady of the House is not stuck in the kitchen most of the blessed month. Cooking and cleanup should be shared by all family members on a rotating basis. _____

5. Decorate your home.

Finish decorating the house so that you, and especially kids, can feel the excitement of Ramadan. ____

6. Share Ramadan greetings.

Post on Instagram, tweet, send ecards, call, send a snail mail card, and post Facebook updates wishing everyone “Ramadan Mubarak!”. ___

7. Organize your finances.

Start calculating your Zakat and brainstorm where you will give it this year _____

8. Make a Dua list.

Finalize a written list of Duas you want to make for yourself and others this Ramadan, especially before you break your fast. ___

9.Make napping a habit.

Get in the habit of taking a short nap in the afternoon. Set a timer for 15 or 20 minutes and find a safe, calm place. ______

10. Practice resisting temptation.

Put an elastic band on your wrist. Every time you feel like giving in to one bad habit you wanted to give up in Ramadan, pull on it and feel the pain of temptation. ______

11. Establish your daily Quran reading habit.

Read the increased amount of Quran you resolved to read every day of Ramadan, whether that is one verse, one page, or one Juz.. ___

12. Share stories for learning.

Read Ramadan bedtime stories to the kids. ___

13. Turn up the corners of your mouth.

Smile. It’s Sunnah. And it’s Ramadan. Whether you’re stressed out in traffic or delayed while waiting in line at the grocery store. Find a person, preferably a child, to smile at to relieve your tension. ___

14. Forgive...

that one person you’ve held the longest grudge against. It could be a child, a parent, a cousin, or some other relative or friend. ___

15. Finish off errands that will come up later

Squeeze in some time on chores that may come up later in the month, during the last 10 days or Ramadan, so you have that time free when it arrives. ___

16. Express gratitude to God.

Thank Allah for His incredible Mercy toward you throughout your life and beg Him for more of it in the future, especially when we’ll need it the most, on Judgment Day. ___

17. Be lenient.

Show mercy to someone else, even if they made the mistake and not you. This could be a child, a disrespectful coworker or employee, or a rude cashier  ___



may allah give as stranth good life to finish had happy ramadan



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