Mental Health Resources in the United States |

Mental Health Resources in the United States

Muslim Helpline Numbers


Helpline: (855) 95-AMALA | (855) 952-6252
Services: Provides helpline counseling for Muslim youth that is accessible 24/7.


Helpline: (866) NASEEHA | (866) 627-3342
Services: Provides a confidential helpline for young Muslims in North America to receive immediate, anonymous, and confidential support over the phone from 12N-9 pm, 7 days a week (Eastern Standard Time), and over text Monday to Friday. Naseeha also conducts various workshops to better educate and raise awareness within the community about the stigma around mental health. 

Sound Vision Text Crisis Line

Text Helpline: Text SALAM to 741741
Services: Trained volunteers are available 24/7 to provide counseling and support to those in need.

Mental Health Services

Khalil Center

Contact: (855) 5HELPKC | (855) 543-5752
Services: Provides psychological and spiritual community wellness center advancing the professional practice of psychology rooted in Islamic principles. 


Services: Provides support groups, educational workshops, social activities, and access to professionals, to eradicate mental health stigma within the Muslim community.

Center for Muslim Mental Health & Islamic Psychology

Contact: PO Box 1584  Downey, CA 90240
Services: Explores innovative ideas to help the greater community expand its reach in mental health using technology adding to the existing systems with culturally appropriate services. 

Mental Health 4 Muslims

Contact: (800) 273-TALK (8255)
Services: Provides information about mental health issues that are both clinically supported and Islamically sound. The organization works with a wide variety of Muslims from different backgrounds and knows firsthand how important such a service is to our community.

Muslim Wellness Foundation

Contact:  (818) 527-3753
Services: Engages community members, health professionals, and religious leaders in conversation to improve mental health literacy, stigma reduction, help-seeking behavior, and access to culturally-competent services.

Stones To Bridges

Services:  Address the pressures and support the needs of, but not limited to, Muslim youth in North America, as a means to promote their emotional, social, and mental well being.  

Institute for Muslim Mental Health

Contact: 1 (800) 273-TALK (800) 273-8255
Services: Optimizes the Muslim community’s emotional health and well-being by mobilizing a network of mental health professionals to ensure all American Muslims have access to high-quality resources.

The Family and Youth Institute (The FYI)

Contact: (734) 274-9112
Services: Strengthens and empowers individuals, families, and communities through research and education efforts that promote positive youth development, healthy marriages, effective parenting, and mental health and well-being. 

American Muslim Health Professionals

Services: AMHP’s core areas of focus are mental health, advocacy for underserved communities, and professional development.

ICNA Relief

Contact: (888) 471-4262
Services: ICNA Relief works to build healthy communities, strengthen families and create opportunities for those in despair while maintaining their dignity and advocating for their basic human needs.

Abuse and Domestic Violence Resources


Contact: 1 (888) ASK-NISA | 1 (888) 275-6472
Services: Provides support to alleviate challenges related to abuse and domestic violence in the Muslim community through counseling (individual, family, premarital, marriage, career), religious guidance/counseling, emergency and short-term housing, translation services, education, and advocacy. 

Peace Families Project

Contact: (540) 324-8818 ​
Services: Programming includes prevention and intervention in its approach to community education about domestic violence and development, training and technical assistance, and research.

FACE (Facing Abuse in Community Environments)

Contact: (844) 360-2489
Services: Provides community safety and leader accountability, outside the criminal legal system, for those who abuse their positions of trust and authority.

Project Sakina

Contact: (505) 685-4515
Services: Stimulates awareness in the Muslim community to take action against domestic violence.

This resource guide was compiled by Miriam Mohamed and Zahirah Lynn Eppard is current as of August 10, 2022.

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